Should I Get a Walker or a Cane?

Assistive devices like walkers and canes are a good investment for seniors or people who feel unsteady on their feet. Appropriate use of these devices can increase mobility and independence inside and outside the home and help prevent falls, thanks to their stability.

Learn more about your options below, then visit your doctor to decide which is right for you and your body!


Typically made of wood or metal, canes are a great option for people looking to improve their balance. A cane can support up to 25 percent of an individual’s weight and helps those who are suffering from arthritis or are recovering from a foot or leg injury.

Depending on the amount of support you need, triple and quad-footed options provide more stability than standard canes. The single contact with the ground on a standard cane helps those with early balance problems, who only need a little support to steady themselves and don’t need to push down a lot on the cane.


A few types of walkers are best for supporting someone at risk for a fall because of an unsteady gait, severe arthritis problems, or weakness in the hips. Those with two and four wheels are the most popular since they are easy to move.

A hand-controlled brake is an important feature to look for when purchasing a wheeled walker. This will allow you to lock the wheels in place while in a stationary position to prevent your walker from rolling away. Standard walkers are the most stable option available but can be difficult for some people to lift and move around.

Whether you feel like a cane, or a walker will benefit you, it’s important to talk to your doctor or physical therapist when looking for an assistive device to ensure you choose the best option for your lifestyle.

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