Patient Lifts

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There are some elderly people who have lost almost all of their mobility. Doing something as simple as getting out of bed is entirely too difficult for them and can put a huge strain on their bodies. There are also some disabled people who have lost the ability to move certain parts of their bodies. The patient lifts in Dallas, TX, from BEK Medical Inc. help caregivers and family members move these elderly and disabled people around without a problem.

Whether you’re moving a person from their bed to the bathroom or from a wheelchair to their bed, you can do it with the help of patient lifts. BEK Medical Inc. offers several different patient lifts for those who need them. BEK Medical Inc. also offers slings that can be used to pick people up and down. Each one is slightly different with some offering more head support than others. But all of the slings are specifically designed to work with the patient lifts that are in stock.

Trying to physically pick a person up out of bed will prove to be just about impossible for most people, but with patient lifts, you’ll be able to provide better care for your loved ones or those entrusted in your care. They’re easy to operate and will cut down on the time you need to help people get up and down dramatically. They’ll make life simpler on everyone and improve the quality of life for those who need them.

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