Store FAQ’s

At BEK Medical defining the benefit from buying from us is simple, our overwhelming answer is You. Here at BEK Medical we are simply about you, through our service we strive to meet your needs. Rest assured that no need is too big or too small in our eyes; we are fully committed to working with you and for you.

Here are a few answers to some of our most common questions:

Who is BEK Medical?

BEK Medical is a home medical equipment supplier that has been serving the El Paso Texas community and surrounding areas for nearly 20 years! We are locally owned and operated and pride ourselves in providing the service that will create a memorable experience with BEK Medical.

Where is BEK Medical Services Available?

BEK Medical products are available for purchase through our website if you are looking for an item not listed on our website please contact us so we may obtain that item for you, installation and customer work is only available through our local offices in El Paso, TX and Dallas, TX.

Is Someone Available to Help with My Product?

At BEK Medical our focus is helping you, so if you are struggling with the use of a product, are unsure how a product works or are looking to fit a very specific need you may contact us from 8:00 – 6:00pm Mountain Standard Time for any additional assistance. (915) 599-1129

Does BEK Medical Ship International Orders?

At this time we do not ship orders internationally, all orders are shipped within the Continental United States.

What Methods if Payment does BEK Medical Accept?

BEK Medical gladly accepts a multitude of payment formats, we accept all Major Credit Cards, Debit Cards and Online pay resources such as PayPal.

What if my Item Arrives Damaged?

If you receive an item that is damaged during the shipping process, we ask that you follow the steps outlined in our Online Return Policy; we stand behind our product and will correct the situation as needed.

How Can I Return and Item?

If you are in need of returning an item, we ask that you refer to our Online Return Policy. Depending on the item, there may be restocking fees applicable to the return, following all steps, as outline in the Online Return Policy will ensure a quick and easy response.

Special Questions:

Should you have a question that we have failed to answer here we invite you to email us at