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  • All About the UPWalker Walking Aid

    Mobility Products Dallas TXAre you a senior citizen or rehab patient who needs some help getting around from day to day? Do you have a neurological, cardiovascular or pulmonary disorder? Do you suffer from pain, instability and poor posture from using a traditional walker or rollator?

    If you answered yes to any of these questions, the UPWalker Upright Walker might be the mobility aid for you!

    This revolutionary product can help you get back on your feet and regain your independence. The UPWalker enables users to maintain good posture walking in a safe, secure and upright position. Using it can reduce pain in your leg joints, back and wrists.

    Its features include:

    • Adjustable-height armrests
    • Padded sit-to-stand handles
    • A comfortable seat
    • Lockable brakes
    • Multi-terrain wheels

    The UPWalker supports a weight capacity of up to 300 lbs. It can be used both indoors or outdoors, and it comes fully assembled in a graphite gray color. This mobility aid is a cinch to transport: the lightweight aluminum frame, which weighs just 23 lbs., folds for easy travel.

    The UPWalker comes in three different sizes and is shipped with standard accessories including a backrest support, a beverage holder and a personal item bag that attaches to the walker’s handgrip tubes.

    The UPWalker Upright Walker is available now from BEK Medical. We also offer a wide variety of walkers, canes and other mobility products to help you get around. Browse our selection online or contact us today to find out more!

  • Different Wheelchair Lift Options for Vehicles

    Vehicle LiftsIf you use a wheelchair, you may be considering a wheelchair lift to make it easier to get in and out of your car. However, choosing among the different options takes an understanding of the various products on the market and the advantages and disadvantages of each.

    Here’s our guide to different wheelchair lift options for vehicles:

    Outside liftse

    This type of lift is secured to the exterior of a vehicle and allows you to transport your wheelchair or mobility scooter without using any interior space in your car. This type of lift is also popular because it’s relatively easy to transfer from vehicle to vehicle. You can even operate it on your own if you’re able to stand for two to three minutes while the lift is in operation.

    Hybrid lifts

    This type of lift is mounted in the vehicle’s cargo area. It works best in SUVs and vans, because the entire lift will need to be housed within the vehicle. They’re especially convenient because they feature a drive-on platform. You can wheel yourself onto the lift, and the mechanical system will do the rest.

    Inside lifts/hoists

    Like hybrid lifts, inside lifts are mounted in a vehicle’s cargo area, but they swing outward to load the wheelchair. They’re a good choice for smaller SUVs, since they take up less space, but they can be more difficult to operate than other kinds of lifts.

    BEK Medical has the perfect wheelchair lift options for you

    We suggest the Pride Backpacker Plus by Pride Mobility. This lift system has a robust construction, sleek design, and a powerful weight capacity of 350 pounds. It is fully-powered for lifting and rotating for effortless loading of products, which can include travel and full-size mobility scooters and power wheelchairs.

    If you need some help getting around from day to day, BEK Medical offers a wide variety of walkers, canes and other helpful mobility products. Browse our selection online or contact us to learn more.

  • The Many Benefits of Lift Chairs

    Lift Chairs in El Paso and Dallas TXRecliners, La-Z-Boys, and grandparent chairs are just a few names for Americas most comfortable seating. Unfortunately, these chairs have a negative connotation associated with them as they are typically regarded as medical chairs. However, these lift chairs are so much more than that. They aren’t just your grandpas La- Z- Boy anymore. In fact, they are great for people of all ages and all phases of life.

    The different positions the lift chairs can adjust to will benefit you in more ways than one. When the you are positioned in the chair with your legs elevated above your heart, it promotes circulation. Lift chairs are great for anyone who needs to reduce swelling or just needs to rest their legs. They also promote healthy breathing and will help you sleep better.

    Lift chairs instantly take pressure off your back so if you’ve had a long day standing at work you can go home and rest your back in a lift chair. Promotes healthy breathing and help you sleep well during pregnancy.

    If you’re ready to benefit from lift chairs, look no further than BEK Medical.

    We offer a wide selection of lift chairs to meet all of your needs. Feel free to give us a call at 915-599-1129 or email us at info@bekmedical.com.

  • Questions to Ask Before Purchasing a Mobility Scooter

    Mobility Scooters Mobility has turned into one of the biggest problems for many older Americans in recent years. There are millions and millions of people over the age of 65 who simply can’t get around like they used to. If you fall into this category, you might be thinking about purchasing a mobility scooter to make life a little bit easier on yourself. This is a great idea, but before you buy one, there are some questions you should carefully consider. Take a look at them below:

    Are you going to be able to control a mobility scooter safely?

    While mobility scooters are an excellent option for many seniors, they could potentially be unsafe for those who don’t have good hand dexterity. If you suffer from a condition like Parkinson’s disease or multiple sclerosis, you might not be a good candidate for a mobility scooter. You could have trouble controlling it and put yourself and others in danger.

    How are you going to travel around with your mobility scooter?

    Although a mobility scooter can help you travel around, transporting your scooter to and from different locations can be a challenge for some people. If you decide to invest in one, try to find a scooter that will fit easily into most vehicles. You want something that’s as portable as possible, so you can bring it with you wherever you go.

    Will your insurance company cover the cost of a mobility scooter?

    Worried about the cost associated with buying a mobility scooter? Your health insurance provider could very well cover the cost of it for you. If you’ve tried other mobility aids like canes, walkers, and even wheelchairs in the past with no luck, your insurance company might be willing to pay for part or all of your mobility scooter. It never hurts to ask to see what you qualify for.

    Would you like to check out some of the best mobility scooters on the market today? BEK Medical has a large selection of mobility scooters in stock. Call us at 915-599-1129 to speak with someone about which scooter might be your best option!

  • Will Your Lift Chair Be Covered by Medicare?

    Will Your Lift Chair Be Covered by Medicare.If you have trouble standing from a seated position, your doctor may have recommended a lift chair. A lift chair can be a lifesaver for those of us with limited mobility, but they can be expensive.

    Will your lift chair be covered by Medicare?

    The short answer, from the Medicare website: while Medicare won’t typically pay the entire costs of a lift chair, Medicare Part B (Medical Insurance) or Medicare Part C (Medical Advantage) might cover the seat lift mechanism as DME, or durable medical equipment. Your doctor will need to determine that the seat lift is medically necessary and will help with your condition.

    Generally, Medicare coverage eligibility for your chair lift mechanism will include the following:

    • You have a condition that inhibits your mobility, like severe arthritis in your hip or knee or a neuromuscular disease like muscular dystrophy.
    • Because of this condition, you are unable to stand up on your own and would otherwise be confined to a bed or wheelchair.
    • Your doctor has determined that regular movement is medically necessary and has prescribed a lift chair as part of your treatment plan.
    • You are able to control the seat lift yourself and the equipment helps you sit or stand up without other help.

    Medicare typically won’t pay for recline functions or seat lifts that use a spring-release mechanism.

    If you’re having mobility issues, BEK Medical is here for you. We have a variety of mobility products and other offerings that will make your life easier and more comfortable. Give us a call at 915-599-1129 to find out more.

  • Seniors and Food Safety

    Foodborne Illness and SeniorsDid you know that adults age 65 and over are at a higher risk of hospitalization and even death from foodborne illnesses? Here’s what you need to know about seniors and food safety:

    Changes in seniors’ organs and body systems lead to greater risk of foodborne illnesses.

    For example, the gastrointestinal tract tends to hold onto food for a longer period of time, creating conditions in which bacteria can grow. Also, the stomach may not produce enough acid to get rid of these bacteria. Chronic conditions like diabetes or cancer exacerbate these circumstances, and weakened immune systems increase susceptibility to illness.

    How can seniors reduce their risk of foodborne illnesses?

    Set the fridge and freezer to the proper temperature

    Keep the fridge at 40 degrees Fahrenheit and the freezer at zero or below. Use a fridge thermometer to check temperatures. Always store perishable food in either the fridge or freezer.

    Avoid thawing food at room temperature

    Instead, take it straight from the freezer to thaw in the fridge overnight. Alternatively, you can use cold water or a microwave to defrost the food, but make sure to cook it immediately.

    Always wash your hands before handling food

    Also, make sure to wash any cutting boards, knives, or other utensils immediately after contact with raw meat, poultry or fish.

    Thoroughly cook all meat, poultry and fish

    Use a meat thermometer and keep your oven at 325 degrees or higher.

    Food safety is an important component of helping seniors live comfortable and healthfully. For the rest, check out the mobility aids, personal care products and more available from BEK Medical. Give us a call at 915-599-1129 to find out more and place your order today.

  • Four Ways to Prepare a Senior’s Home for Winter

    Senior Care As the autumn leaves drop along with the temperatures, it’s clear that winter is on its way. Is your senior loved one’s home ready for the change in season?

    Here are some ways to prepare a senior’s home for winter:

    Be prepared for emergencies

    When the roads are snowy and icy, it’s more difficult for seniors to get out and get the food and medications they need. During a snowstorm, it may be downright impossible. Stock your loved one’s home with nonperishable food, bottled water, extra medication, a first aid kit and a flashlight. Don’t forget to make sure plenty of warm clothing and blankets are on hand.

    Take care of home maintenance

    Before the season is in full swing, make sure to take care of some home maintenance essentials for your senior loved one. These include cleaning out gutters, shutting off water supply to any outdoor faucets and arranging for someone to come by regularly to remove snow and ice from driveways and walkways.

    Consider lighting

    Seniors are at risk of seasonal affective disorder during the winter months, when natural light is in scarce supply. Make sure your loved one’s home is well-lit and swap out dim bulbs for brighter ones.

    Stock up on home medical products

    Make seniors’ lives easier and more comfortable in winter (and year-round) with mobility aids, personal care products and more from BEK Medical. Give us a call at 915-599-1129 to find out more and place your order today.

  • How to Choose Between a Handicap Accessible Ramp or Lift

    Handicap Accessible Ramp or LiftIf you or someone in your home is in a wheelchair or uses a walker, it’s time to make your home and vehicle more handicap-accessible. However, it can be difficult to choose the right types of modifications.

    Here’s how to choose between a handicap-accessible ramp or lift:

    For your home:

    • How much space do you have available? Ramps require significantly more space than lifts.
    • Think about maintenance. Lifts require regular professional maintenance and inspection. A friend or relative could maintain a ramp by salting it and removing snow in winter and by replacing anti-slip material when it becomes worn.
    • Are you planning to sell your home any time soon? A lift is easier to hide, and its installation is less likely to require the removal of decorative elements like planters.

    For your vehicle:

    • What is your budget? Vehicle ramps are, on the whole, less expensive than lifts. Portable ramps are the most cost-effective of all and can be used with multiple vehicles.
    • What are your mobility needs? Some individuals may not be able to get into or out of a vehicle without a motorized ramp or a lift.
    • How much room do you have? In tight parking spots, there may not be room for a ramp, so a lift would be a better choice.

    Whether you choose a handicap-accessible ramp or a lift, BEK Medical has the products you need. We offer a variety of home and vehicle mobility solutions that will make getting around easier and more comfortable. Contact us today to find out more!

  • Four Reasons to Get a Residential Elevator

     Residential ElevatorsMany seniors find that injury, balance issues, the need to use a wheelchair or just a general decline in energy make stairs tough (if not impossible) to manage. If getting up and down stairs isn’t as easy for you as it used to be, why not make life simpler?

    Here are the reasons why you should get a residential elevator:

    A residential elevator will make your home safer

    Gone are the days that you risk a nasty tumble down the stairs. What’s more, residential elevators make your home safer for everyone. This includes children, who are prone to injure themselves playing on the stairs.

    You’ll have an easier time moving things around

    Residential elevators have a heavy load capacity. They’re great for moving groceries, bags of dry cleaning and other bulky or inconvenient items between floors. They can even be used to move furniture from one floor to another!

    It’s a good investment

    Adding a residential elevator can increase the market value of your home. Potential buyers are looking for homes where they can age in place, and a residential elevator lets them do just that.

    An elevator takes up less space than a stairwell

    Adding a residential elevator instead of a stairway can open up unexpected space and give your home a new configuration. You can use the extra space for storage or add some decorative furniture.

    If you’ve decided that the time has come to get a residential elevator, BEK Medical can help. We offer full-service residential elevator installation. Shop now!

  • Tips for Buying a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

    Wheelchair Accessible VehicleIt can be a challenge to travel with a wheelchair, power scooter or other mobility device. Not all cars are made to accommodate these devices.

    Here are our tips for buying a wheelchair-accessible vehicle:

    Find a reputable dealer

    A dealer will have trained experts, inside knowledge and special equipment, whereas a private seller may not have any of the above. Speak to a professional about your needs, and whatever you do, never by a wheelchair-accessible vehicle sight unseen. Dealers belonging to the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association are the best choice.

    Consider the warranty

    Make sure you have a warranty that covers at least three years.

    Ask the right questions

    Some questions to consider are:

    • How big is the wheelchair? Measure it at its widest point along with the width of the wheels, the height from the floor to the top of the user’s head and the length of the user when seated. Also make sure to get an accurate weight of the chair and user together.
    • How many people will be transported in the vehicle? Just you, or your entire family?
    • Where will you park it? In tight spots, a rear-entry ramp may be better than side-entry.

    If you need some help traveling with your wheelchair, power scooter or other mobility device, BEK Medical can help. Contact us to speak with one of our mobility experts today and determine which of our wide variety of auto lifts and vehicle modifications would best suit your needs.

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