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  • How to Choose Between a Handicap Accessible Ramp or Lift

    Handicap Accessible Ramp or LiftIf you or someone in your home is in a wheelchair or uses a walker, it’s time to make your home and vehicle more handicap-accessible. However, it can be difficult to choose the right types of modifications.

    Here’s how to choose between a handicap-accessible ramp or lift:

    For your home:

    • How much space do you have available? Ramps require significantly more space than lifts.
    • Think about maintenance. Lifts require regular professional maintenance and inspection. A friend or relative could maintain a ramp by salting it and removing snow in winter and by replacing anti-slip material when it becomes worn.
    • Are you planning to sell your home any time soon? A lift is easier to hide, and its installation is less likely to require the removal of decorative elements like planters.

    For your vehicle:

    • What is your budget? Vehicle ramps are, on the whole, less expensive than lifts. Portable ramps are the most cost-effective of all and can be used with multiple vehicles.
    • What are your mobility needs? Some individuals may not be able to get into or out of a vehicle without a motorized ramp or a lift.
    • How much room do you have? In tight parking spots, there may not be room for a ramp, so a lift would be a better choice.

    Whether you choose a handicap-accessible ramp or a lift, BEK Medical has the products you need. We offer a variety of home and vehicle mobility solutions that will make getting around easier and more comfortable. Contact us today to find out more!

  • Four Reasons to Get a Residential Elevator

     Residential ElevatorsMany seniors find that injury, balance issues, the need to use a wheelchair or just a general decline in energy make stairs tough (if not impossible) to manage. If getting up and down stairs isn’t as easy for you as it used to be, why not make life simpler?

    Here are the reasons why you should get a residential elevator:

    A residential elevator will make your home safer

    Gone are the days that you risk a nasty tumble down the stairs. What’s more, residential elevators make your home safer for everyone. This includes children, who are prone to injure themselves playing on the stairs.

    You’ll have an easier time moving things around

    Residential elevators have a heavy load capacity. They’re great for moving groceries, bags of dry cleaning and other bulky or inconvenient items between floors. They can even be used to move furniture from one floor to another!

    It’s a good investment

    Adding a residential elevator can increase the market value of your home. Potential buyers are looking for homes where they can age in place, and a residential elevator lets them do just that.

    An elevator takes up less space than a stairwell

    Adding a residential elevator instead of a stairway can open up unexpected space and give your home a new configuration. You can use the extra space for storage or add some decorative furniture.

    If you’ve decided that the time has come to get a residential elevator, BEK Medical can help. We offer full-service residential elevator installation. Shop now!

  • Tips for Buying a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

    Wheelchair Accessible VehicleIt can be a challenge to travel with a wheelchair, power scooter or other mobility device. Not all cars are made to accommodate these devices.

    Here are our tips for buying a wheelchair-accessible vehicle:

    Find a reputable dealer

    A dealer will have trained experts, inside knowledge and special equipment, whereas a private seller may not have any of the above. Speak to a professional about your needs, and whatever you do, never by a wheelchair-accessible vehicle sight unseen. Dealers belonging to the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association are the best choice.

    Consider the warranty

    Make sure you have a warranty that covers at least three years.

    Ask the right questions

    Some questions to consider are:

    • How big is the wheelchair? Measure it at its widest point along with the width of the wheels, the height from the floor to the top of the user’s head and the length of the user when seated. Also make sure to get an accurate weight of the chair and user together.
    • How many people will be transported in the vehicle? Just you, or your entire family?
    • Where will you park it? In tight spots, a rear-entry ramp may be better than side-entry.

    If you need some help traveling with your wheelchair, power scooter or other mobility device, BEK Medical can help. Contact us to speak with one of our mobility experts today and determine which of our wide variety of auto lifts and vehicle modifications would best suit your needs.

  • Stair Lift Guide

    Info About Stair Lifts There comes a point in many people’s lives when they begin to find it difficult to walk up and down stairs without help. Such mobility problems can be the result of injury, illness, weakness in the legs, poor eyesight, reduced balance and a number of other conditions. If you find that it’s becoming harder and harder to manage the stairs in your home unassisted, it’s time to look into purchasing a stair lift.

    Here’s our handy stair lift guide:

    • There are several different types of stair lifts:
      • Straight stair lifts are designed to go up and down straight staircases. They’re mass-produced and are easy to install, but they can’t accommodate landings, curves or turns.
      • Curved stair lifts are more expensive because they’re custom-made, but they’re a better choice if you have curves, turns or landings.
      • Standing stair lifts are useful if your stairs are narrow or if it’s difficult for you to bend your knees.
    • Once you’ve installed a stair lift in your home, observe safety procedures. Always buckle up when you’re in the stair lift, avoid overloading it and make sure to dismount very carefully. Lock up the stair mount when it’s not in use and never allow children to play on or around it.

    If you need a little help getting around, BEK Medical offers a wide variety of canes, walkers and other mobility products to help you get where you need to go. Browse our online selection and contact us or stop in to any of our locations.

  • With Aging Comes More Creativity

    Seniors Creativity The need to create—whether it’s painting, writing, dance, floral arrangement, you name it—is one of the most basic human impulses, and it doesn’t diminish with age. In fact, studies suggest that with aging comes more creativity. You’ll probably be more creative at 70 than you were at 20, so make time for an old creative pursuit or pick up a new one.

    Don’t believe us? Did you know that the Italian painter Titian died while in the act of painting at age 99? Or that Herman Melville, an American novelist, wrote his second masterpiece, “Billy Budd,” in the last years of his life?

    The aging brain resembles the creative brain in important ways. It’s simultaneously more distractible and less inhibited. Distractible brains tend to be creative because creativity benefits from a broader focus. Studies also suggest that brain activities used to stave off dementia can spark seniors’ creativity. Moreover, seniors have a broad knowledge base to draw on, offering numerous sources for inspiration.

    Don’t let negative internalized judgements inhibit your creativity! Whether or not your artworks ever make it into a gallery show, the process of creativity is rewarding in itself. And hey, who’s to say the work won’t find an audience? Renowned minimalist painter Carmen Herrera sold her first piece at age 89!

    Moreover, creativity is good for your health, leading to fewer instances of depression and less reliance on medications.

    BEK Medical offers a wide variety of products that make life easier and more comfortable for seniors. Check out our products online and contact us to place your order today!

  • How Compression Socks Work

    Compression Socks Compression socks and stockings have a variety of benefits. They improve blood flow, lessen pain and swelling in the legs and reduce the risk of conditions resulting from poor blood circulation, such as deep vein thrombosis (DBT), which is a type of blood clot. Many different types of people wear them, including the elderly, pilots, pregnant women and athletes looking to improve their performance.

    You may be wondering: how do compression socks work?

    Well, you may already know that the blood in your veins works against gravity to flow back to your heart. If you have problems with blood circulation, venous insufficiency (meaning weakness in the walls of the veins in your legs) or spend a lot of time without moving when you recuperate from a surgery or injury, blood pools in the veins of your lower legs or feet. This leads to a variety of problems, like leg swelling, leg fatigue and aches. It could also predispose you to a venous clot, which could cause serious problems if it travels to your lungs or heart.

    Compression socks and stockings squeeze the leg tissues and vein walls, helping blood in your veins return to your heart. They also reduce tissue swelling by improving the flow of lymph, a fluid that bathes the cells in your legs.

    BEK Medical offers a selection of compression socks and stockings for men and women in a variety of styles and at many price points. Check out our products online and contact us today!

  • What Seniors Can Expect from Cataract Surgery

    Cataract SurgeryIf you have cataract surgery coming up, it’s a good idea to know what’s going to happen.

    Here’s our guide to what seniors can expect from cataract surgery:

    • First of all, know that cataracts are extremely common. By age 75, about half of Americans will have cataracts.
    • Wait, back up—what are cataracts anyway? A cataract is a clouding of the lens inside your eye, which needs to be clear in order for you to see properly. Cataracts cause vision loss that cannot be corrected with glasses, contacts or LASIK surgery.
    • When you have cataract surgery, your ophthalmologist will remove the lens from your eye and in most cases, replace it with an artificial lens. This is typically done with ultrasound energy or laser-assisted technology.
    • Most cataract surgery is performed on an outpatient basis. This means you probably won’t have to stay overnight in the hospital. Just make sure someone is available to drive you home, since it’s not safe to drive right after surgery. You also might need help around the house after your surgery, as your doctor may advise you to limit certain activities involving bending and lifting.
    • Preparing for your surgery might include temporarily discontinuing some medications. Prostate medications in particular might interfere with the surgery. You also may be prescribed antibiotic eye drops for a day or two before your surgery, and your doctor might ask you to fast for 12 hours prior to the procedure.

    BEK Medical is here to make life easier for seniors. Check out our wide selection of products online, including mobility aids, safety products and more and place your order. Need help? Give us a call at 915-599-1129.

  • Four Health Challenges of Aging

    Health Issues of Aging There’s no doubt about it, getting older can be a daunting prospect. However, if you’re aware of some of the common health challenges of aging and how to address them, you’re well on your way to aging more healthfully and comfortably.

    Weakened immune system

    People over the age of 65 tend to see their immune systems decline, making them more susceptible to ailments like the flu. That’s why it’s especially important for seniors to get their flu shot every year.

    Chronic health conditions

    The majority of seniors (92%) have at least one chronic health condition, ranging from diabetes to osteoporosis to cancer. The good news is that these conditions are easier to manage for seniors who get yearly checkups, maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly. Obesity, a growing problem among the elderly, compounds chronic health issues, meaning that it’s important to stick to a healthy weight.

    Alzheimer’s and dementia

    Many seniors experience memory loss, and just because you’ve forgotten where you parked the car doesn’t mean you’ve got a serious condition. However, Alzheimer’s and dementia are common among seniors. This is another reason why yearly checkups are of the utmost important for older people.

    Physical injuries

    Taking a tumble may have been no big deal when you were younger, but seniors’ bone shrinkage and loss of muscle efficacy mean that falls become more dangerous.

    Well-made, helpful products can ease the challenges of aging. Check out BEK Medical’s wide selection online, including mobility aids, safety products and more. Questions? Contact us today!

  • How to Improve Balance as You Age

    Improving Balance Each year, about a third of seniors 65 and up suffer injuries due to loss of balance, some of which can be serious. However, slips, trips and falls don’t have to be an unavoidable part of aging.

    With a few handy tips, seniors can improve their balance and enhance their overall health.

    • Practice balance exercises for seniors. Some exercises to try are: standing on one leg, walking heel to toe and shifting your balance from foot to foot. Also try standing up from and sitting down in a chair unassisted—this means not using your hands to steady yourself.
    • Improving leg strength is an important aspect of proper balance. Try back leg raises or side leg raises while holding on to a sturdy chair. Squatting down to a chair is also a great way to improve leg strength.
    • Once you feel comfortable doing the exercises above with your eyes open, try closing them for an added balance challenge.
    • If you want to find a way to improve your balance while enjoying a new hobby and meeting new friends, try yoga or tai chi classes at your local senior center or community center.

    When doing balance exercises, always make sure to have a sturdy object, like a chair, nearby to keep you safe in case you do lose your balance.

    With the right products, seniors can balance better and live more comfortably. Check out BEK Medical’s wide selection, then give us a call at 915-599-1129.

  • Five Common Aging Myths

    common aging myths debunkedIf you think that aging has to be a negative thing, think again! Recent studies have shown that a positive attitude toward getting older can contribute to a longer life span and better health.

    Read on to learn about some common aging myths, debunked:

    Getting older means becoming weak, frail and/or debilitated

    Regular exercise can help counteract the decline in muscle strength and volume that occurs as we get older. Walking, swimming, tai chi and calisthenics are all good exercise options for seniors.

    Older people are lonely

    Seniors who stay socially engaged—at a place of worship, on volunteer boards and at community centers—avoid the problems of isolation and loneliness.

    As we age, we lose interest in the outside world

    Not true! Seniors over 65 are active internet users, world travelers and students in adult education programs. Check your local university or library for classes or visit Road Scholar to book an international trip with other active seniors.

    Aging means the end of libido

    Despite the stereotype, people can be intimate at any age.

    Seniors are unproductive

    Many seniors continue working, either by choice or by necessity. However, even retired people are contributing members of society. Do you volunteer? Look after your grandkids? Knit sweaters or bake cakes for your friends and family? You are being productive!

    With the right products, your life can be easier and more comfortable as you age. Check out BEK Medical’s wide selection, then give us a call at 915-599-1129 to place your order today.

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