Power Lift Chair Recliners

Power Lift Chair Recliners in Dallas & El Paso, TX 

When you have limited mobility, something as seemingly simple as getting up from or into a chair becomes a challenge. Fortunately, there are solutions to help make these tasks safer and easier for you—like a power lift chair. 

BEK Medical’s extensive selection of home medical products and devices includes everything you need to support your mobility, big and small. Our power lift chair recliners—available through our stores in El Paso and Dallas—can provide a mobility solution for any condition or circumstance you may be managing. 

Power Lift Chairs 

There are many benefits to using a lift chair recliner when you have mobility issues. Lift chairs allow you to rise out of and recline in your chair more safely. Your chance of injury is far reduced and you’re able to navigate in and out of your chair independently. Elevating your legs is also good for improving circulation and reducing swelling. 

With over 500 combinations of upholstery, heat and massage options, and other features, you can customize your lift chair from BEK Medical just the way you want and need it. We offer competitive pricing on our upgrade options, as well as convenient delivery services. Some of our power lift chair recliner products include: 

  • 3 Position Power Lift Chairs 
  • Infinite Position Power Lift Chairs
    Zero Gravity Lift Recliners
  • Heavy Duty Sleeper Lift Chairs
  • Petite & Tall Lift Chairs

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will make sure you’re comfortable with using your chair before leaving and are here to answer any questions or address any of your needs. 

Gain the independence and comfort you need and deserve with a power lift chair recliner from BEK Medical in El Paso and Dallas. Contact us to request a quote on any of our individual chair products today!