Low Hydraulic, Deluxe Silver Vein Kit


Lifting patients all day can put quite a bit of strain on healthcare workers, so it’s important to have a good patient lift to handle some of the pressure. This low hydraulic, deluxe silver vein kit is designed to make lifting patients easy and comfortable for the patient. 5″ casters with built-in brakes make it easy to move and stop this lift, and you can use two or four sling straps and two chain connections with the six point swivel bar. Sling must be purchased separately.

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Silver Vein steel construction provides maximum strength. 6 point Swivel Bar that can accommodate, 2 or 4 sling straps, plus 2 chain connections. Safely raises or lowers individuals from any stationary position. High-performance hydraulics raise or lower individuals gradually and safely. Comes standard with 5″ casters. Easy-to-operate caster brakes provide additional security. Adjustable-width base.

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