What Medical Supplies Do I Need after Knee Surgery?

Coming home from an intense surgery requires a lot of preparation. You need to have your space set up for success to get the most out of your recovery time. During your pre-operation doctor’s appointments, you are provided with a wealth of information about your surgery, medications, and cost. Still, at-home recovery and the challenges you may face are not always thoroughly covered.

Here are a few types of medical supplies and equipment you might need and appreciate after having knee surgery!


You will not be able to walk on your own the first few days after surgery. It would help if you had a walker or crutches ready to go as soon as you leave your hospital room. Your age and physical condition will determine which product will be right for you. Typically, crutches are fine for younger patients, while senior patients might need a bit more stability which a walker can provide.

Bonus Tip: If you are advised to use crutches, invest in crutch covers to avoid bruising and extra pain in the armpit.

Ice Packs/Gel Wraps

Icing is essential, especially after knee replacement surgery. Not only does it reduce swelling in the joint, but it’s also a go-to for pain management. Skimping on this part of your rehab would be a huge mistake. You don’t have to invest in anything fancy either; a simple ice gel pack or ice cap will get the job done!

Wedge Pillow

While icing your knee, don’t forget to keep it elevated. A wedge pillow is a convenient and versatile way to keep your knee elevated while relaxing or sleeping and is a lot more secure than trying to pile up a bunch of couch pillows.

Bathroom Mobility Equipment

The bathroom is one of the hardest places to navigate after having knee surgery.  You will need some helpful bathroom safety products from the toilet to the shower to get you through your day. The simplest ways to make your bathroom experience easier are to:

  • Put non-slip suction mats in the tub to prevent falls
  • Keep the floor outside the tub dry
  • Place shower items low where you don’t need to reach to get them
  • Get a bathtub chair or bench to sit on while showering
  • Invest in toilet safety rails to get on and off the toilet with ease
  • Install grab bars in your bathroom and/or shower

Spending the extra time to prepare your home for post-surgery life will speed up your recovery and give you the maximum amount of comfort you want after an operation.

At BEK Medical, we have the medical supplies you need to recover after any knee surgery. Stop by in-store before your operation and ask our knowledgeable staff about what products you need to have a successful recovery!