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  • Healthy Lifestyle Tips for Women Over 50

    October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so now is a great time to focus on women’s health,Healthy Lifestyle Tips for Women Over 50 especially those over the age of 50. 

    50 is the year that many of us take a moment to look back on our lives so far, remembering the good times we have had and the many incredible things we have accomplished. It is also a time when your body begins to change, and if you are looking to age gracefully there are a few different things you can do to continue living the healthy, active lifestyle you love.

    Research has shown that men and women age differently, so BEK Medical has put together a list of tips just for women over 50!

    Healthy eating is important at every age, and for women over 50 there are a few extra foods you should incorporate into your diet. Osteoporosis and heart disease are both common health conditions that women over 50 face, so boost your daily calcium intake and add more cholesterol-lowering foods like oats and whole grains into your meals. Beans, berries, and leafy greens like spinach and kale are some other health conscious foods that are good for your body and mind.

    Find an Exercise Routine You Love

    Instead of struggling to get to the gym every day, take some time to find an exercise routine you actually enjoy! Whether you sign up for a class with a friend or decide to take Fido for an hour-long walk every evening, incorporating fun – and healthy – activities into your schedule will be much more beneficial than dragging yourself to the gym once or twice a week.

    According to a study performed by Harvard University researchers, burning more than 1,000 calories per week cuts a postmenopausal woman’s chances of developing breast cancer almost in half. Every mile you walk burns 100 calories, making this marker fairly easy to reach every week!

    Sleep In

    Healthy Lifestyle Tips for Women Over 50We all know that we should get seven to eight hours of sleep a night, but many of us stay up late and wake up early anyway, pushing our bodies harder than we have to. A good night’s sleep not only makes you more productive during the day, but it also helps to reduce your risk of having a stroke.

    A recent study performed by The American Heart Association found that poor sleep in seniors can cause complications in the brain, so make getting seven or eight hours of restful sleep each night a priority, and talk to your doctor if you aren’t sleeping well.

    Visit Your Doctor Regularly

    On top of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, it is important to visit your doctor regularly, scheduling the appropriate health screenings for your age. Womenshealth.gov has an easy-to-read, comprehensive chart you can follow if you aren’t sure what tests you should have performed! Regular screening can help ensure early detection of medical conditions, which in turn increases the likelihood of successful treatment and a longer, healthier life.

    50 is just the beginning of a whole new chapter of your life, so embrace your age and enjoy the years to come! From rehab equipment to orthopedic care items, BEK Medical has everything you need to maintain your quality health and freedom as you age. For more information about the products we carry, visit us online or give us a call at 915-599-1129.

  • Preparing Elders for Colder Weather


    Preparing Elders for Colder Weather

    As the weather changes for a large majority of the country, cold weather is just a few short months away. Cold rain showers, heavy wet snow, and below freezing temperatures are inconvenient for all of us but these extreme weather conditions can have a major impact on senior citizens. Cold weather can cause major issues for elderly adults including injuries, infections,

    and inconvenience.

    Winter Safety  

    Injuries are a major issue that senior citizens face as the months grow colder. Many older people that still live in their homes might go outside and attempt to shovel their sidewalks when the snow starts to fall. Although it might not appear to be, shoveling is a very physical task. It is proven to cause heart and back issues which many s

    eniors already struggle with. If a senior suffers from arthritis pain, shoveling can aggravate that pain as well. Seniors should consider hiring a plow service or asking a trusted neighbor with a snow blower to take care of their driveway.

    Fall Risk

    It is accurate that falls are something that senior citizens are at risk for all year round. From tripping over a sidewalk to a fold in an area rug, it is easy for seniors to fall at any point wh

    ich typically can cause injuries from broken bones or a severe sprain. Winter months make trips outside extremely dangerous for seniors and falls increase in the colder months. Sidewalks and driveways are coated with layers of snow and ice which are often difficult to see. If seniors fall outside in the winter, the fall can also be detrimental if frozen snow or ice is un

    derneath the individual when they land. Everyone should put down salt or sand on sidewalks and entrances outside of their home whenever possible in the winter months when it is icy outside.

    Seasonal Depression

    Many of us also get the “winter blues” but for seniors, those blues can become very serious. Depression often times rises in winter months because the days

    are dark and cold. For seniors, physical pain can increase in the winter, making all of their symptoms worse which can feel defeating. Many senior citizens also get out less in the winter, making their ability to socialize minimal. Socialization improves mood and in the winter months with social interactions limited, this can also contribute to a poor mental state for seniors. Seniors should do what they can to reach out to loved ones, even if it’s just on the phone. Get outside when possible if the sun peeks out, even if it’s only for 15 minutes. Get involved in a group of some sort that does “pick-ups” for different erra

    nds trips or outings. There are also many different at-home activities seniors can engage in to help beat seasonal depression.

    Here are a few:

    Preparing Elders for Colder Weather

    • Puzzles
    • Scrapbooking
    • Playing board games
    • Playing cards
    • Knitting or Crocheting

    Winter weather poses as tremendous a challenge for seniors and these topics just skim the surface.  Seniors and their loved ones should take whatever precautions they can to prepare for the winter months to ensure that these issues are managed.

    BEK Medical is dedicated to improving the quality of life of our customers. We offer a wide array of mobility products, rehab equipment, maternity products, and more!  . Come visit us in our Dallas or El Paso location to try our products in person! Remember to check our blog frequently for healthy lifestyle tips!

  • Fall Activities for Seniors

    active seniors taking selfies of them having fun outside in the autumn forestFall is finally here, and now it is time to enjoy some fun seasonal activities! When the weather cools down, most people tend to become less active but is important to continue to get out and get moving at least a few times a week.

    An Apple a day

    Nothing says fall more than apple picking and bringing them home to make apple pie! If reaching the apples and bending to put them in the basket is too strenuous of an activity, don’t hesitate to ask a friend or a grandchild to go with you to help. Chances are they will love it just as much. This activity is a great way to enjoy the outdoors,exercise as you munch on a crisp apple!

    Go for a walk

    Perhaps there isn’t a close apple orchard, if not go for a walk and enjoy the weather before it gets too cool. Take in the blue sky and bright-colored leaves and bring a companion with you for an added bonus!

    Decorate your front door

    After you’ve visited the apple orchard and went for a walk, decorate your front door to get festive! Buy or make a wreath, set up a scarecrow or carve a pumpkin. Be as creative as you wish!

    Go to the pumpkin patch

    This fun fall activity is great to do with a companion or your grandchildren. After choosing a pumpkin you can help your grandchildren carve it and decorate for the upcoming Halloween festivities.

    Enjoy the season from the comfort of your home

    If the weather is too chilly, make apple cider, stay in touch with family and friends by writing letters or give them a call, build a fire and curl up with a good book or root for your favorite football team! Reading a good book is a great way to get mental stimulation by keeping your mind sharp and improving your memory.

    If you are looking for more fun activities for seniors check out Golden Carers.

    Try to remain active while you enjoy all that autumn has to offer! If you need help going about, browse our mobility products. Here at BEK Medical we are full committed to working with you and for you! Give us a call today at 915-599-1129 or contact us online for all of your home medical equipment needs.Remember to check our blog frequently for healthy lifestyle tips!

  • Travel Tips for Seniors

    One of the greatest joys of retirement is the opportunity it provides for you to spend time doing things you love. And if you have always dreamed of traveling, but never had the time, now is the perfect opportunity to check out all the incredible sites on your list!

    To ensure you have a safe and relaxing vacation this fall, here are a few helpful tips:

    Avoid Advertising Your AbsenceTravel Tips for Seniors 

    To protect your home and belongings while you are gone, we recommend asking a relative or trustworthy neighbor to check in on your home every few days, collecting your mail for you, watering your plants and ensuring everything is in proper order.

    You may also want to take extra precautions with the belongings left in your hotel room, as seniors are often seen as targets for thieves. Instead of posting the cleaning sign on your door when you head out for the day, call down to the front desk to let the staff know that you will be leaving.

    Leave a Copy of Your Itinerary

    Especially if you are traveling alone, an important safety precaution – and way to provide your loved ones with peace of mind – is to leave a copy of your itinerary with them. Also keep your cell phone handy while vacationing, just in case of an emergency. If you have a smartphone you can turn on your location to share with your family.

    Consider Travel Insurance

    A way to ensure that your medications will be covered, and hospital visits will be taken care of should you end up away from home longer than expected, travel insurance will cover you in case of emergency or illness.

    Pay Attention to Your HealthTravel Tips for Seniors

    On top of taking the above safety precautions during travel, it is also important to pay close attention to your health during your adventures. Pay attention to the foods you eat, take your medications daily and be aware of how much time you are spending in the sun.

    An afternoon nap is a great way to rejuvenate yourself for the rest of the day while also avoiding the hot mid-day sun.

    It is easy to forget to take your medication, especially when you are on vacation. Instead of trying to keep track of this yourself, invest in the pill turtle. This simple device securely holds medication for 7 days and even has an alarm clock to help remind you to take your meds.

    BEK Medical offers a variety of different items to help seniors maintain their health both at home and during travel. For more information and to view our full range of products, visit us online or contact us by phone at 915-599-1129.

  • Benefits of Living in A Senior Community

    A loss of independence is one of the most difficult parts of growing older, surpassed only by the loss of one’s partner. This loss means that living alone is a difficult prospect that many seniors must face, and many children worry about for their parents.

    Although it is completely understandable for a senior to want to stay in the comfort of their own home for as long as possible, senior living communities are becoming a preferred option for many individuals previously living alone.

    Here are a few benefits of living in a senior community:

    Benefits of Living in A Senior Community

    Reduced Costs

    Maintaining a home can be very expensive, especially for seniors! As you age, you will likely need extra help getting yard work and home maintenance tasks done. From paying the neighbor’s son to mow the lawn each week of the summer to hiring a snow blowing service to keep your driveway clear in the winter, there is a lot that you need help with at home.

    Typically, all maintenance costs are included in your monthly rent in a senior living community, which means you no longer have to worry about handling maintenance on your own. There will be someone to give you a hand whether a lightbulb needs changing, the grass needs mowing, or your dishwasher breaks down.

    Improved Family Relationships

    Benefits of Living in A Senior Community

    Not only is living alone stressful for seniors, but it can also put a strain on their children and other family members. Moving into a senior living community takes the stress that often comes with caregiving off of your children, allowing your entire family to enjoy the time you are spending together. The knowledge that you are ok and have a support system nearby when they are not available to help out will be a huge relief.

    Feelings of Safety & Security

    Living in a senior community means you no longer have to worry about what will happen if someone breaks into your home or you happen to fall. With an emergency response team nearby and plenty of security in place, seniors will be at ease knowing that they are safe from potential dangers inside and outside the home.

    Opportunities to Exercise

    Staying active is an important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but the isolation that comes with living alone can make it more difficult for seniors to get regular exercise. Luckily, moving to a senior living community can change this! Most communities offer a variety of classes and activities for their residents to participate in, proving plenty of ways for individuals to get active every day.

    End of IsolationBenefits of Living in A Senior Community

    Loneliness and isolation are unhealthy for individuals of any age to face, and these feelings can be especially detrimental to seniors. Moving into a senior living community offers seniors an opportunity to make new friends, finding people that share their interests and will enjoy having someone to share meals with.

    Especially for seniors who are alone at home, moving to a senior living community can provide a boost in health and an increased sense of security. Of course, it is also important to have the right safety items in your living space, regardless of if you are at home or in a senior community. We at BEK Medical are here to help, offering home medical equipment that can help seniors maintain their independence and a positive, healthy lifestyle. View our products online or visit us in-store at our El Paso or Dallas location for assistance finding the right medical equipment!

    If you would like to find a senior living community in your area visit seniorhousing.net to search over 49,000 options!

  • Reading Benefits for Seniors

    Reading- it's fundamental! Reading has always been a way of enriching your mind and escaping from the monotony of everyday life. It is also a great way to learn, exercise your mind, and escape into another world. Reading is important for those of all ages, but especially beneficial for seniors.

    Here are a few reasons why seniors should aim to read more:


    The most important reason anyone reads is to be entertained—reading lets you discover new worlds, new characters, and new opinions all from the comfort of your favorite armchair. The amount of truly good TV shows is limited these days and most senior citizens don’t prefer spending hours and hours staring at the television. Picking up a book can be a great source of entertainment and new information for people of all ages, especially seniors.

    Community Why Seniors Need to Read More

    Book clubs are one of the best ways to meet new people, so if you live in a retirement community, try to join a book club. It will most likely be ladies and gentlemen snacking and chatting about their lives, rather than an in-depth discussion of the book, so no need to stress or worry. Grandchildren can make great book club partners too, re-reading the classics with your grandkids as they read them in school can be very meaningful since you are experiencing them at a different phase in your life. You can also bond with your grandchildren as you read together.

    Stress Reduction

    Senior citizens don’t exactly have stress-free lives, with rising healthcare costs and a lot of changes in their day to day lives when it comes time to retire. According to Synergy Home Care, reading can reduce stress by absorbing your mind and distracting you from your worry.

    Mental Stimulation Why Seniors Need to Read More

    As we age, our memories and our minds aren’t as sharp as they used to be. However, reading frequently can actually help keep your memory sharp, and may help delay the onset of Alzheimer's. 

    If you are looking for some new books to read here is a top 10 list of books for seniors to read.


    BEK Medical is dedicated to improving the quality of life of our customers. We offer a wide array of mobility products, rehab equiptment, maternity products, and more. Come visit us in our Dallas or El Paso location to try our products in person!

  • CBD; What is it and How Can it Help Me

    If you’ve read the news recently, glanced through a Reader’s Digest, or are active on Facebook, chances are you’ve heard about CBD and its remarkable health benefits. Many people have shared “miracle stories” of their experience with CBD, but with so much information saturating the media it can be difficult to narrow down the facts.116771787_S

    If you are interested in using CBD, here is some helpful information:  

    CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a chemical compound derived from the cannabis plant. CBD is one of more than 100 chemicals found in marijuana. When separated from its psychoactive counterpart, CBD can have many health benefits for the user-without experiencing any effects from the THC. THC is the compound that gives marijuana psychoactive affects or makes the user “high”. CBD is non-intoxicating, so it does not create a “high” feeling in the user.

    Health Benefits 

    Here are some of the health benefits of CBD:


    Different Forms

    There are many ways to use CBD. This is more of a personal preference which can be decided based on lifestyle and practicality. Here are some of the forms in which CBD can be consumed:

    • Tincture- This is a concentrated liquid form of CBD which is CBD; What is it and How Can it Help Me usually made by infusing CBD with high-proof grain alcohol, or glycerin to create a potent oil. This tincture can be taken in a variety of ways. You can add a few drops to your cup of coffee, tea, or even mix it into a bowl of soup. This is an easy and discreet way to take CBD and is ideal for people trying it for the first time.
    • Vape oil-This method is fast acting and typical onset time takes only a few minutes. You can use CBD in vape oil by using an electronic vape pen to inhale the product. This method is similar to smoking an e-cigarette but without the carcinogenic byproducts.
    • Capsule- CBD capsules are usually a mixture of CBD and a carrier oil like coconut oil that has been sealed into a gel capsule.
    • Edible- This is created by using CBD infused oil or butter to create a variety of edible items. There are many different kinds of CBD edibles from lollipops to popcorn. A very popular for of edibles is gummies which are created by combining CBD with sugar, gelatin and other ingredients to create a gummy candy.
    • Bath Bomb- These are ideal for hot baths to relieve muscle aches and pains. These CBD infused bath bombs help relax the body by dissolving into your bath water.
    • Topicals- Topical CBD creams and lotions are great for targeting specific areas where you may experience muscle pain, cramps, or soreness. Topical treatments may be infused with other pain relieving/ anti-inflammatory gels like menthol or Aloe Vera.

    If you are interested in trying CBD products, BEK Medical offers a variety of quality, easy-to-use products. Browse our CBD products here. BEK Medical provides home medical supplies which help assist with mobility, incontinence, diabetes, maternity needs and more!

    Remember to check BEK Medical blog frequently for helpful lifestyle tips.

  • UV Safety Awareness Month

    July is UV Safety Month, and while it is nearing its end, the summer sun is here to stay-at least for a couple more months! It is great to spend time outdoors but also very important to be safe while doing so.  There are plenty of ways for seniors to stay active throughout the summer months, including a trip to your local farmers market, gardening, visiting a craft show and taking a stroll through the park.

    While you are enjoying the fresh air and warm weather this season, remember to practice sun safety as well.

    July is UV Safety Month Applying sunscreen is an important first step to avoiding painful sunburn. Choose a version with a sun protection factor (SPF) 30 or higher, as well as broad spectrum protection. This will block about 97 percent of the sun’s UVA and UVB rays.

    If you are using a bottle of sunscreen from last summer, be sure to check its expiration date. Most products are good for two to three years but become less effective if left out in the heat for long periods of time.

    Apply generously and remember to re-apply every couple of hours for lasting protection.

    To further protect yourself from the sun this summer, make sure you wear the right clothing. Wear long sleeves and pants when you can and wear a hat and sunglasses while you are out. Materials like cotton and linen are great for keeping you cool  wile simultaneously protecting your skin. Prescription glasses or sunglasses that block UV rays are a quick form of protection for your eyes and the sensitive surrounding skin.

    Vitamin D has many health benefits, including its ability to lower the risk for some cancers. While in the sun, your skin naturally makes vitamin D, but there are other ways to get it as well. To avoid over-exposure to the sun, try a vitamin supplement instead.

    Check our blog for more healthy lifestyle tips!

    BEK Medical provides an array of resources for all of your medical needs. From medicine containers to orthopedic support and scooters, we have everything you need to enjoy the summer!

  • Celebrating Elders' Birthdays

    As senior citizens age, many of them become hesitant to celebrate their birthday. Most senior citizens will tell their families not to bother doing anything for them. Because they have celebrated decades worth of birthdays, they may’t feel as though they dont need to celebrate another one. While it is important to respect your loved one, many senior citizens do want some sort of celebration. It is important to show them that you love and care about them even if they don’t want a huge party. As people age they tend to feel less significant in the lives of their friends and family. Use their birthday as a way to reinforce the bonds you have.

    Keep it simpleCelebrating Senior Citizen Birthdays

    Many seniors’ citizens will express that they don’t want to celebrate their birthday because they just don’t want a large production. If you are going to help the senior citizen in your life celebrate their birthday, keep it simple and you will make them happy. If you create a big “to-do” this will likely give your senior stress and anxiety.  Most seniors will appreciate something small and thoughtful.  Purchase gifts that they could genuinely benefit from, put up simple decorations, and get a few of their favorite foods.

    Be sure to include them 

    If a senior has been giving you a lot of excuses expressing that they don’t want a birthday party, consider just asking them what they do want.  You might be surprised by their answer when they are given the opportunity to explain themselves. Some seniors might just want to celebrate with a few loved ones and not consider it a “party,” others might prefer to go out to dinner, and some might just want a cake. It is important to know what they want instead of assuming, this will eliminate alot of "guesswork".

    Limit the Guest List

    Most older Celebrating Senior Citizen Birthdayspeople don’t have a ton of friends, and while inviting people just to fill the party out may seem like a good idea- it’s best to keep it small. Seniors often become stressed in social settings and if too many people are in attendance, they aren’t going to feel like the birthday party is for them at all. Create an intimate guest list consisting of people who truly matter to them- friends, children, and grandchildren. If they have friends that are unable to drive but would want to attend, make arrangements to pick them up for a special surprise.

    Check BEK Medical blog frequently for healthy tips and medical supplies, Visit our shop for a variety of equipment perfect for an active senior!

  • Spending Time With Your Grandchildren

    According to research published in the journal, Evolution and Human Behavior, seniors that are actively engaged in their grandchildren’s lives tend to live longer than those who are not. Watching your grandchildren can provide a sense of purpose and boost self-esteem by providing care for another. Whether you spend the day at the park or go for ice cream, there are many options for spending time with your grandchildren. Here are a few fun activities to enjoy:Why You Should Watch Your Grandchildren

    Go for a walk- This is a great activity to encourage exercise and connect with nature. Remember to always wear sunscreen when going out in the sun and to re-apply if you are outside for an extended period of time. If you are a senior concerned with mobility issues, BEK Medical, has a variety of products that will aid in your everyday needs to get around.

    Make a lemonade stand- This will not only help your grandchild learn early entrepreneurship, but it is a perfect activity for a nice summer day that does not require copious amounts of physical labor. Simply set up a table and allow your grandchild to make a sign with a poster board and marker. You can make the lemonade fresh, or simply use your favorite store-bought brand. Before setting-up the stand be sure to comply with your local permit laws regarding vending. The fastest way to find out what is required, is to call your local health department.

    Go for a bike ride- Riding a bike is a healthy-low impact form of exercise, perfect for a summer afternoon. When riding with your grandchildren be sure that they remain next to you or if they do ride ahead of you, that they remain within 6 feet of your bike. Bike riding is also a great way to improve cognitive ability and increase brain function. Here is a list of great bikes for people over the age of 60.  If you are concerned with balance, opt for a tricycle. Tricycle’s are great for providing balance and support.

    Why You Should Watch Your Grandchildren Read a book- Reading can take you places you never imagined. If your grandchildren are still developing speaking skills, reading to them will help encourage literacy and help them understand how to pronounce and enunciate words. Older children can also benefit from reading aloud- it encourages them to read on their own, introduces them to new words, and provides understanding of other cultures.

    There are a variety of activities that you may enjoy with your grandchildren. Although time with grandchildren can be beneficial to your health, it is important to set boundaries with their parents. If your children have busy schedules, they may want more support from you to watch their children. Be sure not to over extend yourself as this can cause stress which will have the opposite effect.

    Be sure to check BEK Medical’s blog for different tips regarding lifestyle tips and suggestions for seniors. Visit our Shop Now tab for a wide selection of products designed to encourage safety, mobility, personal care, and more!

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