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  • Yoga Poses That Provide Arthritis Relief

    Anyone who deals with arthritis will tell you that simple pain medication isn’t always enough to manage symptoms, especially when the weather is cold and wet, or your body is tired after strenuous movement or exercise.

    Luckily, there are a few other tricks you can try to alleviate pain associated with arthritis, and one of them is yoga.

    Increasing your body’s movement and activity is always a good way to help combat arthritis pain, but it’s important that you’re careful with the movements your body makes. If you jump on a treadmill or a stationary bike for an hour, you likely won’t feel much relief. In fact, your pain may become worse.

    Yoga is all about practicing movements that strengthen and relax your body. Gentle, repetitive movements can help you build strength while not straining your bones.

    According to John Hopkins Medicine, a few studies have been performed to learn about the benefits of yoga for people with arthritis and the initial results are promising.

    If you’re a new to yoga, you’ll want to start out slow. Some of the poses can feel a little weird the first time you try them, and you don’t want to strain your body. If you’re not feeling it, try a moderated version of the pose.

    Sun Salutations

    Start out with sun salutations, says Everyday Health. Standing with your arms crossed across your chest, reach up and look at the sky and then bend your body in half, wrapping your arms around your calves if you can. Then, move into downward facing dog, hold it for a few minutes and swing up into a cobra pose.

    Repeating these movements will stretch out your whole body and wake up your muscles. You’ll also enjoy increased flexibility and a great spinal stretch.

    Child’s Pose

    Child’s pose is great for stretching out your lower back. Drop down onto your knees, spread them wide, and bring your big toes together. Sit back on your hips onto your feet or heels, and reach your arms forward on the ground. Focus on your breathing.

    Angry Cat/Cow Pose

    For another great back and full body stretch, start in cow pose by getting down on all fours with your hands shoulder-length apart. Spread your fingers wide and bring your chest forward, bending your shoulder blades down towards your waist. Then, pull your belly button in and up, rounding your spine and arching your back. Breathe deeply while you switch from one pose to the other and back again.

  • Benefits of Art for Senior Citizens

    Do you remember taking art classes in grade school and feeling excited as you test your creative side? You can still explore your creativity as you age, even if you aren’t necessarily creatively inclined, as it might have a positive impact on your health.You can still explore your creativity as you age, even if you aren’t necessarily creatively inclined, as it might have a positive impact on your health.

    Art and health benefits

    Engaging in arts and crafts may help alleviate boredom and prevent feelings of depression. Arts and crafts may also help with hand-eye coordination, cognitive abilities and concentration. Seniors experience challenges such as deteriorating health, social isolation, loss of loved ones and life transitions. Art-related activities can help increase social engagement, create a sense of purpose, keep the mind busy and increase self-esteem.

    Art Alternatives

    Many seniors shy away from doing art related activities because they think they aren’t artistic or capable enough, however, anyone can be creative with the right kinds of projects. If you have boxes filled with old photographs, you can create a collage and hang them on the wall or create a scrapbook to display in your living room. Another option could be to create a craft angel, mosaics, ceramics, or beading.

    Individuals today are living longer and embracing new and different activities well into their older years. Many age well by keeping their health in check with proper nutrition, physical activity and regular checkups, but there are other insignificant activities that can also benefit seniors’ health.

    At BEK Medical, we believe that everyone deserves the ability to live a healthy, active lifestyle at any age and with our full selection of home medical equipment, we can make that possible! If you have any questions or need help, give us a call today at 915-599-1129.

  • A Pup May Be a Seniors Best Friend

    When it comes to getting more exercise, Fido may be your best friend. Perhaps you know you need to  exercise more, but you aren’t sure how to go about doing so. Instead of feeling overwhelmed at a gym, a dog may help you achieve recommended amounts of physical activity.

    The best part? You probably won’t even realize you are exercising!A dog may help you achieve recommended amounts of physical activity.


    A small study researched the effects dogs have on seniors and the results were rather encouraging. The research included 86 people who were 65 and older and the participants activity levels were monitored for three weeks. Half were dog owners and half were not.


    The participants who owned a dog walked 22 minutes more and took 2,760 more steps a day compared to seniors who didn’t have a dog. Dog owners also had fewer periods of continuous sitting. The findings were published in the journal, BMC Public Health.

    The research provided several helpful insights: owning a pet may help achieve higher levels of physical activity, which could then improve quality of life, improved maintained cognition and perhaps overall longevity.

    How much physical activity should you be getting?

    According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, adults need at least two hours and thirty minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity every week and muscle -strengthening activities on two or more days a week that work all major muscle groups.

    As you age, regular physical activity is one of the most important things you can do for your health. If you are able to, you should consider getting a dog or sharing the care of a dog, so you are more likely to become motivated and active. For all of your home medical equipment needs, contact BEK Medical toady. We are fully committed to working with you and for you!

  • Importance of Taking Care of Your Feet

    Our feet are our bodies’ natural tools for getting around, which means they are subject to a lot of wear and tear throughout our lives! As we age, it’s important to prioritize podiatric care to preserve strength and mobility and avoid issues like heel spurs, hammertoes and other unpleasant conditions.

    Here are some tips to help keep your feet in tip-top shape: ! As we age, it’s important to prioritize podiatric care to preserve strength and mobility and avoid issues like heel spurs, hammertoes and other unpleasant conditions.

    Regular inspection and maintenance

    Though it’s good to hold your head up high, don’t forget to look down and inspect your feet every once in a while. Pay special attention to changes in the color and temperature of your feet. Discoloration and thickening of the nails can be an indication of fungus. If you find that the soles of your feet are peeling and a bit scaly, that could be a sign of athlete’s foot. Natural antiseptics such as BEK’s fungasoap can be used to help fight the fungus.

    Also be sure to wash your feet and trim your toenails on a regular basis. When trimming your toenails, be sure not to cut them too short or in the corners, as this could cause ingrown toenails.

    Proper Footwear

    Wearing the right shoes is key to keeping your feet healthy. Make sure that your shoes fit properly and avoid wearing worn out shoes. Tight and high-heeled shoes can be bad for your circulation because of the pressure placed on your feet. So for occasions where fancy footwear is necessary, try insoles and gel cushions to help with balance, pressure, and comfort.

    BEK Home Medical Equipment has a vast supply of foot care supplies, as well as home medical equipment to help you have a healthy and active lifestyle regardless of your age. Contact us today to discover how our products can help you!

  • Importance of Water

    Water is essential to our lives yet we tend to not drink enough of it day in and day out. Our bodies need water to be refueled and hydrated, especially during the summer months.Unfortunately, getting older for many means drinking less fluid than our bodies need. Elders tend to not want to drink too much water because it might mean more trips to the restroom than they may want to take, due to lack of mobility or the fear of falling.

    Why do we need water?Our bodies need water to be refueled and hydrated.

    Our bodies are made up of water and our tissues and organs need water in order to function properly, so water is kind of a big deal. Seniors are more susceptible to dehydration due to age and chronic disease.

    • Water carries nutrients to cells throughout our bodies
    • Water helps our intestines process the food we eat and keep our bowels regular
    • Water lubricates our joints

    Increase your water intake by following these tips:

    • Do you keep forgetting to grab a water bottle when leaving the house? It’s okay, try to eat fresh fruits during meals or snacks, especially fruits that contain high water content such as watermelon or grapes
    • Keep a pitcher of water in the refrigerator every day so you can easily see how much water is left to drink
    • Can’t stand the dull taste of water? Try drinking water that is flavored with fresh lime, lemon or orange wedges
    • Be sure to drink an 8 ounce glass of water every time you take medications because medicine can dehydrate the body

    You will feel a lot better if your body is getting enough water every day and drinking the appropriate amount will eventually become a habit. BEK Medical cares about your health and wellness. For all of your home medical equipment needs call us today at 915-599-1129.

  • Uber Adds a Feature for Those without a Smartphone

    If you no longer feel confident or comfortable behind the wheel, no need to feel frustrated at the thought of not being able to drive. Uber, the famous ride-sharing company, has added a new feature, the ability to book rides for someone else, regardless of whether or not they own a smartphone.

    How does it work? If you no longer feel confident or comfortable behind the wheel, no need to feel frustrated at the thought of not being able to drive.

    Let’s say you want to go to the grocery store but can’t drive yourself. If you know someone with a smartphone, like your child or grandchild, you can ask them to request the ride for you and have them enter a pickup address. You will then wait for the Uber driver to show up minutes later to take you to your destination. Although the person who requests the ride will be billed, you can easily pay them back at a later date. This new feature will reduce stress on those who would otherwise need to hire a more formal way to arrange a ride.

    Why is this great option for seniors?

    Uber is an affordable option for seniors to regain their independence, especially if they don’t feel comfortable behind the wheel. Seniors typically rely on family and neighbors to take them places when need be, but this may not always be an option. The stereotype that seniors refuse to adapt to technology isn’t the case as Uber is becoming popular among members of this age group. According to one Uber driver, seniors are making up 40 percent of her clients.

    If you have a smartphone, the app is very easy to use once you familiarize yourself with it. If you don’t have a smartphone, ask someone you know to request the ride for you. It is a safe, convenient and affordable way to get from one place to the next.

    For more information on finding independence at any age, or to learn how BEK Medical products can help you, contact us today at 915-599-1129.

  • Berries Might Help Preserve Your Memory

    Berries are a yummy and healthy choice and they may even become more appealing to you as new research indicates that berries may help your brain function well as you age. A study notes that women who ate blueberries and strawberries delayed memory decline from aging up to two and a half years, compared to those who didn’t eat berries. The participants in the study consumed just two more servings of berries per week.Berries are a yummy and healthy choice and they may even become more appealing to you as new research indicates that berries may help your brain function well as you age.

    Why berries?

    Many people are all aware of the incredible health benefits of eating fruit but many don’t know why these foods are so amazing. Strawberries and blueberries are rich in anthocyanins, which is the pigment in plants that gives them their dark or blue coloring. Anthocyanins help move blood into the brain and they have been related to a broad range of health benefits such as vision and heart health.

    Berries and other fruits and vegetables also have substances known as flavonoids. Flavonoids help protect the body’s cells from damage and reduce inflammation, according to Everyday Health.

    There are many ways you can add berries to your diet, try sprinkling them on cereal, add them to yogurt or salads or just enjoy the sweet delicious berries on their own. Save the flavor now and receive the benefits later. For more senior citizen tips, visit BEK Medical’s blog page often.

  • Make Waves in the Pool This Summer

    This summer you’ll want to find the closest body of water, not just because it will be refreshing in the humid air, but because swimming is the ideal workout for the elderly. Swimming presents little risk of injury and is low impact while still working out all of the muscle groups in your body.

    Here are just a few health benefits swimming offers to seniors:This summer you’ll want to find the closest body of water, not just because it will be refreshing in the humid air, but because swimming is the ideal workout for the elderly

    Improves heart
    Swim your heart to good health this summer! Swimming improves your cardiovascular health and endurance and makes your heart stronger and larger. If you aren’t a fan of doing laps in the pool, no need to fret. Try walking or running in the water or perhaps give water aerobics a shot.

    Easy on joints
    If you suffer from joint pain and discomfort, swimming will be the perfect exercise because it’s easy on joints and isn’t weight-bearing. Swimming also helps keep pressure off of your hips, knees and spine.

    Improves muscle strength
    When you swim, the water acts as resistance that your muscles have to overcome, so every time you get in the water you are putting every muscle group to work. The more you swim, the more you will notice your muscles toning and strengthening.

    This summer, grab some friends or go in a pool with your grandchildren and swim as much as you can because there are endless benefits that swimming has on your body and health. Just don’t forget to protect yourself from the sun! For more fitness tips, read BEK Exercises blog. Happy summer!

  • Benefits of Reading for Seniors

    Reading has always been a way of enriching your mind and escaping from the monotony of everyday life—seniors can benefit a lot by adding a few more books to their monthly rotation. There are multiple benefits that reading has on seniors:

    EntertainmentSeniors can benefit a lot by adding a few more books to their monthly rotation.

    The most important reason anyone reads is to be entertained—reading lets you discover new worlds, new characters, and new opinions all from the comfort of your favorite armchair. The amount of truly good TV shows is limited these days and most senior citizens don’t prefer spending hours and hours staring at the television. Picking up a book can be a great source of entertainment and new information for people of all ages, especially seniors.


    Book clubs are one of the best ways to meet new people, so if you live in a retirement community, try to join a book club. It will most likely be ladies and gentlemen snacking and chatting about their lives, rather than an in-depth discussion of the book, so no need to stress or worry. Grandkids can make great book club partners too, re-reading the classics with your grandkids as they read them in school can be very meaningful since you are experiencing them at a different phase in your life. You can also bond with your grandchildren as you read together.

    Stress Reduction

    Senior citizens don’t exactly have stress-free lives, with rising healthcare costs and a lot of changes in their day to day lives when it comes time to retire. According to Synergy Home Care, reading can reduce stress by absorbing your mind and distracting you from your worry.

    Mental Stimulation

    As we age, our memories and our minds aren’t as sharp as they used to be. However, reading frequently can actually help keep your memory and mind sharp. Home Care Assistance says that some research indicates that reading can delay the onset of Alzheimer’s and slow memory loss.

    To help make your life better and more comfortable, browse the products we offer at BEK. Call us today at 915-599-1129 if you have any questions because our concern is simply you and we strive to meet all of your needs!

  • Financial Issues Seniors Face

    Financial Issues Seniors FaceAdjusting to life as a senior citizen can be tricky and it definitely comes with challenges. Your health is likely not what it used to be and many seniors are transitioning into retirement.

    Aging is often a big adjustment, especially when it comes to finances.

    There are several different financial issues that many seniors face. Becoming aware of them can often help you avoid them or at least understand how to manage them.

    Retirement Income

    The first, and most obvious challenge for seniors, is financial issues upon retiring. It can be hard to estimate exactly how much money you’ll need to spend during your retirement. Struggling to manage money after retiring can lead to serious issues such as defaulted mortgage payments. Speak to a financial advisor about your assets as you near retirement and decide the steps you’ll need to take before and during retirement to maintain financial stability.

    Debt Management

    Many senior citizens are facing more debt than generations ago, and it can be difficult to understand how to handle debt, especially when there are so many different forms of debt. If you have debt when you retire, talk to a credit counselor. They can help you create a budget so you can stay on top of your payments and enjoy retirement.

    Identity Theft

    Scams and identity theft also plague senior citizens these days. With technology constantly advancing, many people solicit money digitally, aiming the crimes towards senior citizens. Make sure that you keep an eye on your credit cards and credit score, and report any unusual activity. If you start to get strange phone calls claiming to need financial information, hang up and call your bank directly. If you don’t feel confident enough to manage your own finances, allow someone you trust to do so.

    For all of the home medical equipment that you might need as you age, visit BEK Medical.

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