What to Consider When Purchasing a Lift Chair

There are many advantages to investing in a lift chair for your home. No matter your age or mobility status, everyone can enjoy the comfort and security these chairs provide. Choosing the right furniture for your home is crucial for optimum function, comfort, and relaxation.

Here are a few things to consider when purchasing a lift chair!

Fabric and Style

First, you want to ensure the chair matches the style and aesthetic of the room you will put it in. Lift chairs are usually the most popular seat in the house, so they are going to be used a lot. Many lift chairs often use fabrics that offer stain resistance for this exact reason. It’s important to consider a fabric that is easy to clean and maintain. Leather is a great option as it wipes clean easily and looks sleek and classy in your space.

Weight Capacity

Each lift chair comes with an approved weight capacity. Staying within these weight limits is important as it helps ensure the chair will last and maintain your warranty.

Chair Positions

Lift chairs form various positions, but not all can achieve the same ones. When buying a lift chair, review the positions each one can reach so that you aren’t surprised when that lift chair you got for a great price will not recline fully.

Intended Use

Think about the reason you want to invest in a lift chair. Some features may be important to accommodate the needs of certain conditions or mobility issues. For instance, some lift chair models have the option for heated seats and massage, which can provide therapeutic benefits. Cup holders may be important for people with limited mobility and difficulty reaching over to a table for their drink. People with arthritis or other similar conditions may want to consider if the remote control operates with a single push or constant pressure.

At BEK Medical, we have a wide range of power lift chairs that can provide a mobility solution for any condition or circumstance you may be managing! With over 500 combinations of upholstery, heat and massage options, and other features, you can customize your lift chair from BEK Medical just the way you want and need it.

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