Advantages of Lift Chairs

If a loved one is struggling with everyday tasks and mobility, assist equipment like lift chairs can come in handy. But what are the benefits of lift chairs?


A lift chair gently lifts you from a seated position and places you squarely on your feet without any strain or unnecessary effort on your part, which is great for preventing falls and accidents. Lift chairs are also better for caregivers so they won’t have to worry about trying to physically lift their patients.

Increased independence

No one wants to depend on others to do seemingly simple tasks like answer the phone or go to the bathroom.  A lift chair enables seniors to get around without needing help from someone else, which goes a long way in increasing a senior’s sense of independence.

Improved mobility

The less you move around, the more your mobility deteriorates. When seniors are confined to a chair or a bed, they are likely to experience a decrease in muscle mass, balance, coordination, and proper circulation.  Using a lift chair will make it easy for seniors to be more active and maintain their strength.

Greater comfort

Lift chairs are more spacious than regular chairs, making them more comfortable to sit in. This added comfort will make seniors feel better both physically and also mentally. When they are feeling good, they will be more motivated to move around and keep up with their strength.

Less strain on joints

Lift chairs make it easy on the body, which is especially helpful if you’ve had a joint replaced. A lift chair won’t place added on weight-bearing joints like the knees and hips or irritate the  wrists, elbows and shoulders like pushing up from a regular chair will.

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