Utilizing Art Therapy To Improve Mental Health 

There are many simple ways to create and consume art. Activities like painting, coloring, sculpting, and photography can help boost creativity, improve overall mood, and provide an outlet for creative expression . Whether you are looking for an activity to enjoy with your family or a way to expand your horizons in your free time, art is a great option to consider.

Get creative, have some fun and know that you are helping your mind and body to stay young while you are doing so!

Here are a few more health benefits of art therapy: 

Boosts Memory 

A relaxing and enjoyable way to express yourself, consuming or creating art has also been found to boost brain activity and memory retention. 

Creative abilities do not deteriorate in the same way that the brain does as we age, and an article in Today’s Geriatric Medicine states, “Making art or even viewing art causes the brain to continue to reshape, adapt, and restructure, thus expanding the potential to increase brain reserve capacity.”

If you are looking for a way to maintain your mental health, visiting a local art museum, signing up for an art class or just drawing pictures can help. Many museums are offering virtual tours to help people maintain their social distancing while consuming art. 

Hand-Eye Coordination 

Whether you are drawing, painting or sculpting, creating art motivates your muscle memory and keeps your hand-eye coordination sharp. Maintaining dexterity in your hands will help to make everyday activities from folding the laundry to eating dinner easier, allowing you to enjoy your life to the fullest.

Stress Relief

Creating art gives the artist a release and can help reduce stress. Many artists find ways to convey complex feelings and emotions in their artwork. In a study conducted by researchers Chloe Bell and Steven Robbins, they found that people who created artwork experienced significantly greater reductions in negative mood and anxiety. Many people think they have to be exceptional to create artwork, but that is not the case. Anybody can create art and it can be as simple as coloring a photo from a coloring book. 

Assist in Socialization

During a time when many people are separated from friends and family, you can use art to stay connected. There are a number of online art classes for adults and children on Skillshare. You can choose a class and invite friends to take it with you! 

Art offers a new outlet for socialization, as well as a chance to explore your identity, learn new things about yourself and feel the boost in self-esteem that comes along with creating something new and enjoying yourself while you do it.

So grab a coloring book, a paint palette or a slab of clay and get out there and try a creative activity you haven’t done in years – or always wanted to learn! You are never too old to explore and find new passions.

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