The Many Benefits of Lift Chairs

Recliners, La-Z-Boys, and grandparent chairs are just a few names for Americas most comfortable seating. Unfortunately, these chairs have a negative connotation associated with them as they are typically regarded as medical chairs. However, these lift chairs are so much more than that. They aren’t just your grandpas La- Z- Boy anymore. In fact, they are great for people of all ages and all phases of life.

The different positions the lift chairs can adjust to will benefit you in more ways than one. When the you are positioned in the chair with your legs elevated above your heart, it promotes circulation. Lift chairs are great for anyone who needs to reduce swelling or just needs to rest their legs. They also promote healthy breathing and will help you sleep better.

Lift chairs instantly take pressure off your back so if you’ve had a long day standing at work you can go home and rest your back in a lift chair. Promotes healthy breathing and help you sleep well during pregnancy.

If you’re ready to benefit from lift chairs, look no further than BEK Medical.

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