Simple Outdoor Activities for Senior Citizens

Every person deserves a chance to enjoy the beautiful springtime weather, especially senior citizens. Warmer temperatures and sunlight can do wonders for brain, bone and muscle functioning — in part thanks to Vitamin D exposure — which makes the benefit of heading outdoors for seniors all the more crucial.

So in a world ripe with activities, what are some of best ones for senior citizens? BEK Medical investigates.

Head to a Craft or Flea Market

One of the utmost benefits of being outside is socialization. Experts say elders feel rejuvenated by increased interactions with other adults, animals and children, which is a great way to support their cognitive functioning and overall happiness. At a craft or flea market, there are ample opportunities for socializing with others. It can also be uplifting for senior citizens to see vintage items they may value from their youth.

Attend an Outdoor Concert

Music plays a vital role in all of our lives, and studies have shown many elders tend to remember songs or tunes far longer than facts. That’s because music seems to somehow stay deeply within us, evoking memories of an earlier time, and providing us with a therapeutic reprieve. By attending an outdoor concert, elders will benefit from all of these effects, and more. What’s better than the sound of a saxophone, alongside a nice breeze hitting your neck?

Host a Picnic

Food: the unifier of all ages, cultures and people. This activity goes without saying. By hosting a more casual version of a brunch, lunch or early dinner, elders will get the chance to visit with new friends and old, family members and acquaintances, while delighting in some of their favorite dishes. It is also, yet another chance, to enjoy the outdoors and soak up some sun.

Play a Game!

Activity at any elder age can be beneficial, so long as it’s not too physically demanding. Consider playing a board game or checkers — something that will activate the brain in a fun way. Feeling more competitive? Partake in a classic game of shuffleboard or a scavenger hunt. Both are filled with friendly interactions, and teamwork, which many seniors will find fulfilling.

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