Wallaby Pediatric Folding Wheelchair


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The Wenzelite Wallaby Pediatric Folding Wheelchair is an excellent option from BEK Medical Inc. for young children who require the use of a wheelchair. It has a very durable powder-coated color steel frame with black cross brace, along with easy-to-clean lightweight nylon upholstery, height-adjustable push handles, flip-back padded desk-length arms, and a pelvic belt with a reversible cover. Additionally, it comes with 22-inch rear wheels, 6-inch front swivel tires, push-to-lock braces and swing-away footrests with calf straps. It’s available in two colors – red and blue, depending on personal preference –and is WC19 Bus Transit Approved. Learn more or place your order by calling BEK Medical today at 915-599-1129.

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