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The Soft Form Hernia Belt offers gentle relief from reducible inguinal hernia by providing adjustable and comfortable pressure to the hernia. The Soft Form Hernia Belt has a low profile, neutral beige color, and can be worn inconspicuously under most clothing. It is made of soft lightweight materials and features hook and loop closured and adjustable straps. The removable foam cushions are designed to provide gradual pressure around the affected area with focused pressure on the hernia, reducing and/or pushing the inguinal hernia back. Both the waist and leg straps can be easily adjusted without uncomfortable metal buckles or snaps. Either pad can also be removed to treat a single hernia.

  • Adjustable Abdomen Band: The plush elastic abdomen band is attached to the support by hook and loop and can be easily adjusted for size and pressure desired.
  • Adjustable perineal leg straps: The perineal straps are made of comfortable plush elastic avoid abrasion. Straps are easily adjusted and trimmed to fit. Once in place, the leg straps will not have to be removed to take the belt off. Just undo the waist straps.
  • Flexible foam cushions: Are designed to provide a constant, gentle, and comfortable pressure to the weakened muscles, reducing the hernia by gently pushing it back. Support includes a right and left pad and either can be removed to treat a single hernia.
  • Soft Plush Lining: The hernia belt is lined with soft plush cotton lining for comfort against the skin.
  • Easy Hook and Loop Closures: For comfort and easy application without buckles or snaps.

Care Instructions:
Remove foam pads, hand or machine wash in cold water with mild soap. Pat dry with towel to remove excess water. Air dry away from heat.

Open either side of the waist strap and close comfortable around lower abdomen. Re-attach the leg straps to size. Once leg straps are attached to the correct size, using scissors, trim off the excess white loop on the back leg straps only. To remove the hernia belt, simply undo the waist strap and step out of the support.

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