Metatarsal Shoe Cushion


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Metatarsal Shoe Cushions

Ball-of-Foot Relief is Here
Just place these durable foam cushions in your shoes to instantly absorb shock and reduce pressure on the balls of your feet. These self-adhesive pads will help prevent calluses and stop your feet from sliding forward in your shoes. Great for thin-soled footwear. 1 Size fits most. 1 pair/package.

  • Comfort and Protect Ball-of-Foot
  • Absorb Shock and Prevent Calluses
  • Keep Feet from Sliding ForwardFoot
  • Makes Shoes More Comfortable

Insert cushions into forefoot sections of shoes. Test for comfort. For permanent placement, remove paper strips to expose adhesive and press cushions firmly into footwear.

Wipe cushions with damp cloth, as needed. Allow cushions to air dry completely before reuse.

If you have diabetes, consult your doctor before using. Do not use this product on inflamed or broken skin. Discontinue use immediately if pain or irritation occurs. Non sterile.

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