FELTastic Metatarsal Suport Pads


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Ease Ball-of-Foot Pain Instantly

FELTastic™ Metatarsal Support Pads relieve pain and protect the ball of foot. Orthopedically-contoured soft, durable 100% real Wool felt conforms to your foot shape for long-lasting, customized comfort. These fit inside all types of shoes— simply ‘stick’ them in position for instant comfort.

Small fits shoe sizes 6-9

Medium fits 9+

1 pair/Package

  • Cushion, Protect and SUPPORT Metatarsals
  • Relieve & Prevent Calluses, Metatarsalgia,
  • Just Adhere Inside Shoes
  • Orthopedically Contoured for Support & Comfort
  • Ease Ball-of-Foot Pain Instantly

Place Pad Inside of shoe. 1. Prior to removing paper backing, identify ideal Pad position. Place left pad in left shoe, right pad in right shoe, just behind the ball of foot. Narrow end of pad should point towards heel. Test for comfort. 2. Adjust position for maximum comfort. Note exact position of pad in shoe. 3. Remove paper backing to expose adhesive. Press Pad into shoe in position noted. SIZE and PLACEMENT IN SHOES are VERY IMPORTANT for ideal product performance and comfort. Follow instructions carefully. *Fit varies by foot structure — high, medium, flat. Try both sizes if needed.

Wipe with damp cloth. Air dry completely.

If you have diabetes or poor circulation, consult your doctor before use. Position properly in shoes. If numbness, discoloration occur or pain worsens, discontinue use immediately.

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