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In order to take advantage of electrotherapy, you need to use a nerve stimulator designed to stimulate your muscles. The Deluxe Electronic Nerve Stimulator from BEK Medical Inc. helps you do this. It includes a mode selector that allows you to choose from three modes (burst, normal, and modulation), dual isolated channels, an adjustable pulse amplitude (0 to 80mA), an adjustable pulse frequency (2 to 150Hz), an adjustable pulse width (60 to 250), and more. You will be able to successfully utilize electrotherapy when you use their stimulator. -Mode Selector: B (Burst), N (Normal,) and M (Modulation) -Dual Isolated Channels: two leads per channel -Pulse Amplitude (Constant Current): Adjustable 0 – 80 mA, 500 Ohm load -Pulse Frequency: Adjustable 2 – 150Hz -Pulse Width (micro seconds): Adjustable 60 – 250 -Wave Form: Asymmetrical, Bi-Phase, Square Pulse -Mode selector: N (Normal).

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