7-Day AM/PM XXL Pill Organizer


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7-Day AM/PM XXL Pill Organizer

Do you need help organizing your daily medicine? Take a look at the 7-Day AM/PM XXL Pill Organizer, it is so convenient to use and you can store it at home, in a purse or bag or in your pocket. The lids are easy to open and will keep your pills safe every day. You can even customize the compartments to hold pills or vitamins for once a day or twice a day use. Order this pill organizer here at BEK Medical either online or come in person to one of our showroom in Dallas or El Paso, Texas.

  • 7 Extra large daily compartments
  • Optional divider incert (included) allows for 1 or 2 compartments for each day.
  • Only needs to be filled once a week.
  • Color Shipped May Vary

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Weight 0.2 oz
Dimensions 1.25 × 10 × 1.8 in



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