What’s the Difference Between Vertical and Inclined Platform Lifts?

If you use a wheelchair on a regular basis and have trouble getting up and down the different levels in your home, you will likely need to use a platform lift. Platform lifts are designed to help people in wheelchairs maneuver between different floors with ease. But when you go to purchase a platform lift, you will have two options—a vertical platform lift or an inclined platform lift. It’s a good idea to learn about the differences between them before buying one.

A vertical platform lift works just like an elevator

You roll your wheelchair into it, turn it on, and then it takes you up or down before stopping and allowing you to get off. It will make it simple to get from one floor to the next, and vertical platform lifts can be set up to take a person anywhere from a few feet up to 20 feet up. It all depends on the way your home is built.

An inclined platform lift works a lot like your average stair lift

Rather than going directly up or down, it will allow you to roll your wheelchair into place and then it will carry you up or down a flight of stairs while moving slowly along the side of the steps. Inclined platform lifts will come in handy anytime you have a lot of steps in your home, and many businesses will also install them for those with wheelchairs.

Vertical and inclined platform lifts can both get the job done for you. But depending on how your home is designed, you might find that one works better than the other. BEK Medical has different platform lifts in stock and can show you your options. Call us at 915-599-1129 today to begin the process of purchasing a platform lift for you and your wheelchair.