Relaxation Techniques for Seniors

Stress can affect anyone at any age, and it can have many negative side effects. For seniors especially, the effects of stress can take a toll both physically and mentally. Thankfully, there are many helpful relaxation techniques for the elderly.

Gentle exercise

Low-impact, non-strenuous exercise like yoga, tai chi and Pilates are perfect for helping seniors relax. These types of exercise regimens focus on stretching and strengthening muscles as well as different breathing techniques, all of which can help calm the mind and body.


One of the best ways to destress is to change your focus so you don’t obsess over the things that bother you. Meditation is a great way to achieve this mental clarity. Try focusing on something calm, like the sound of the ocean, or thinking positive thoughts like “I will feel better.”  Playing soothing music can also help drown out the worries and white noise in your mind as you focus on finding peace through meditation.

Assist devices

A major source of stress for many seniors is the physical discomfort of moving around. Even getting up and down can be a challenge for seniors dealing with mobility issues. Using assist equipment such as a lift chair relieves stress on both the body and mind as it gently lifts you from a seated position and places you squarely on your feet without any strain or unnecessary effort on your part. With a lift chair, you won’t feel stressed about falling or hurting yourself in any way. And with added comfort options like massage and heat, seniors are sure to feel relaxed when they sit in it!

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