Wheelchair & Scooter Vehicle Lifts

If you have a loved one who is disabled or elderly and confined to a wheelchair or other mobility device, it can be very challenging traveling around with them. From getting them into your vehicle to finding a place for the wheelchair, it can prove to be almost impossible if you don’t have the right equipment. BEK Medical Inc. can set you up with vehicle lifts in Dallas, TX, that will make it easier for you and your loved one to get around. It’ll allow you to pick up any wheelchair without a problem.

There are several different vehicle lifts available through BEK Medical Inc. With options like the Prideboom 250, the Outlander, and the Backpacker Plus, you’ll be able to find the right lift for your specific situation when you work with BEK Medical Inc. Each lift offers its own advantages, which is why it’s important to work with a company you trust when picking one out. It’ll ensure you get the lift that will benefit you and your loved one the most.

Whether you already have a vehicle lift and want to upgrade, or you’re buying vehicle lifts in for the first time, BEK Medical Inc. has the experience and know-how to find the right lift for you. Just let BEK Medical Inc. know how you plan to use your lift, what kind of vehicle you have, and what your budget is and someone from the shop will walk you through the options you have. You’ll get the chance to start enjoying your vehicle lift right away, and you’ll wonder how you ever operated before without it.

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