Bathroom Safety

About 30 percent of elderly people slip and fall at least once every year. And a large percentage of those falls take place in the bathroom. It can be difficult for an elderly person to navigate around in a bathroom without falling, which is why you need to make bathroom safety a priority for the elderly people in your life. BEK Medical Inc. can show you how to do it by setting you up with bath safety supplies in Dallas and El Paso, TX.

People can fall in a number of different ways in a bathroom. Some slip and fall when stepping into or out of a bathtub, while others slip and fall when trying to maneuver around inside of a shower. BEK Medical Inc. has bath safety supplies to reduce the risks associated with a bathroom. From grab bars that can be installed on walls to folding shower seats that can allow people to sit down while they bathe, you can make a bathroom space infinitely safer with just a few simple touches. You can help a person bathe, brush their teeth, and use the toilet in peace without the worry of injury.

The bath safety supplies from BEK Medical Inc. won’t just make bathroom spaces safer. They’ll also make them comfortable. Your loved one will enjoy using the bathroom rather than dreading the idea of setting foot inside it. Bath safety supplies will allow them to enjoy more freedom and take better care of themselves.

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