Presidents Corner- Carabiner

So often in our industry, we work with people who have reached a point in their lives in which things have radically changed.  Many times it’s the loss of a spouse, a debilitating medical condition or simply the increased challenges of even the most basic life functions, no matter what the issue there is a certain joy that is missing, a joy that was once there, but seems to have faded over the years.

Mountain climbers, cave explorers, sailors and even skyscraper window cleaners all have something in common…

and no I don’t mean their desire for thrills- One of the most essential pieces of equipment that they used is called a carabiner.  A carabiner is a simple metal loop, some are locking some unlocking, but the purpose of the carabiner is to provide a simple means for its user to safely use rope and other equipment its main purpose is its strength and ability to allow flexibility to ensure the safety of its user… so where am I going with this?

You see in many instances, we are that carabiner, without us our loved ones, children, grandparents and parents may simply not be safe.  In the bible, the book of Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 reminds us that there is a time for everything, the scripture goes on to describe different balances, plant and harvest; weep and laugh etc.  In the same way that a carabiner is flexible in use and strong in nature, we also need to be the same, as the scripture states it, there is a time for everything.  There will be times when we as caregivers and family members will need to be joy, at times we will need to weep or even laugh, by doing so we provide the strength, safety and flexibility that our loved ones need.

If you are having difficulty in any way, spiritual, physical or otherwise we want you to know that although our business is selling medical equipment, our focus is you.  Should you need prayer, or simply someone to talk to, we invite you to stop by and see us or send us a message to  as always we look forward to being their for you and pray the Lords blessings and joy would shine upon you.