National Bath Safety Month

According to the New York Times the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have found that each year, approximately 235,000 people over the age of 15 visit emergency rooms because of injuries they suffered in the bathroom. January is National Bath Safety Month, which is a great time to make your bathroom safer to avoid injury.

Slippery floors, hard surfaces, loose rugs, hot water, and slick showers are some of the main danger zones in the bathroom. For small children and the elderly, great caution should be taken to ensure maximum safety.

There are a few accessories, that can help create a safer bathroom by preventing dangerous falls.

Take advantage of these specially designed items to ensure that the bathroom remains a safe place:

Shower safety

Bath chairs are great for elderly individuals who will have a hard time standing for long periods of time. Benches help to prevent slips, falls, and ensure comfort. Stools are available to fit both small and larger showers.  Many people begin feeling dizzy in the shower due to the hot water, a bench is a great way to provide stability, and make showering a bit safer. The perfect accessory for the bath bench is a  universal bather pouch. This pouch is designed to hold a variety of items like soap, brushes, washcloths, and other bath essentials. This convenient pouch can be attached directly to the bath chair. The mesh pockets keep items secure and prevent them from slipping or rolling away while bathing.

Grab bars can also be installed in any shower or tub. They are great for senior citizens to sturdy themselves as they sit or stand. Parents of young children can also take advantage of grab bars as added support when bathing children. Many parents use the bars for balance as they lean over the tub or even something as simple as hanging up the tubby toys to dry. You can also have these installed by the toilet. Because the toilet is a low seat, it can cause difficulty for those who have trouble standing from low points. An easily installable grab bar can help make it easier to stand and prevent a potential fall.

Handheld showerheads allow both the young and the old to bathe all over while sitting. Those who feel dizzy in the shower will find these showerheads especially useful.  Parents can use them to bathe infants and toddlers without running the risk of getting water in their child’s eyes.

 Additional bathroom safety tips

Pediatricians recommend that parents always accompany children under the age of four when they are in the bathroom. Be sure to use slip-resistant mats around (and in) the tub. Again, grab bars are beneficial for small children to be able to hold onto as they get in and out of the tub. Always test the temperature of the water and beware of sharp edges such as the faucet.

Bath Step

Make getting into the bathtub easier and safer with a bath step. This is great for those who have trouble lifting their legs higher, and good for smaller children that need assistance getting into the bath. This step paired with a bath grab bar will help make accessing the bathtub a breeze!

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