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Reduce the strain of sitting and standing on your own with the LiftWalker, designed to make it easy to stand using all the core muscles of the body. Convenient, safe, assisted independence and mobility is readily available on the go with this lightweight walker. Retractable stand assist bars stow conveniently when not in use, reducing the need for caregiver assistance. An easy to lock and unlock foot brake keeps the 5" wheels firmly in place when sitting or standing.


•LiftWalker™ will provide convenient, safe, assisted independence anywhere, anytime it's needed. •For use by individuals who need assistance with sitting/standing on their own. •Safer than being pulled by an attendant or caregiver. •Reduces risk of injury to an attendant or caregiver. •The retractable stand assist bars are easy to deploy.•The LiftWalker™ makes it easy to stand because the individual uses biceps, chest, back, stomach and leg muscles all at once. •Easy to lock/unlock foot brake. Retractable Stand Assist Bars and 5" Wheels
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Additional Information

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