June is National Safety Month

Named National Safety Month by the National Safety Council, June is the perfect time to review your home and lifestyle for safety concerns. As the weather grows warmer and the summer season begins, it is especially beneficial for seniors to consider heat-related safety concerns.

Make the most of National Safety Months with these ideas from BEK Medical.

Review the Layout of Your Home

Start National Safety Month off on the right foot by ensuring your home has the proper safety accessories installed to make getting about easier for you. We recommend beginning with the bathroom, as this is the area where the most falls occur. Shower chairs, rubber bath mats and grab bars can all be installed to help prevent slips and falls.

Other areas to play close attention to are walkways and the kitchen.

Change Your Exercise Routine

For seniors that typically exercise outside during the afternoon hours, it is a good idea to get your exercising in early in the morning or later in the evening when the sun is not so strong and the temperatures are lower.

Whether you go for a daily walk with Fido or enjoy gardening your yard, the afternoon heat can cause dehydration and hyperthermia if you do not pay attention to how much time you are spending outside and how much water you are consuming.

Put Together a Sun Safety Kit

Before the summer heat arrives in full force, we recommend putting together a summer safety kit. Placed in the trunk of your vehicle or inside a small backpack that you can carry with you for walks around town and trips to the playground with your grandchildren, this kit can help to keep you protected from dehydration, sun burn and other common summer hazards.

Some items to include in your kits are sunscreen, bug spray, a hat, a water bottle and sunglasses. Also remember to wear cool, loose fitting clothing when you plan to spend plenty of time outside and wear comfortable shoes that will help prevent trips and falls.

Talk to Your Doctor

Don’t forget to discuss safety with your doctor, and check to see if any of your medications will be affected by the heat. You may need to store your medication out of the heat or war extra sunscreen, as some medications make the skin more sensitive to the sun.

To help create a safer home environment, during National Safety Month and all other times of the year, BEK Medical offers a wide array of home medical equipment. Shop with us online or by phone at 915-599-1129. Our customer service representatives will be happy to answer any questions you may have while finding the right products for your particular needs.