Importance of Grip Strength for Seniors

When you hear the term “grip strength,” you may immediately think of rock climbers or weightlifters. However, sports enthusiasts aren’t the only people who should be concerned about their grip strength. As seniors age, it’s important for them to maintain their grip strength. Here’s why:

Grip strength is important for performing everyday tasks

Grip strength will help when doing tasks such as inserting a key into a lock, picking up groceries or holding a toothbrush. Before we age, we tend to take our hands for granted. Think about how often you use your hands to pinch, twist or support objects throughout the day, from picking up your cup of morning coffee to turning off your bedside lamp at night.

Grip strength can naturally minimize pain from arthritis

Although it may at first seem counterintuitive to move achy hands, working on grip strength actually improves mobility and reduces inflammation, which reduces the pain seniors feel throughout the day.

Studies have shown that improving grip strength can reduce the risk of certain diseases

For example, a decline in grip strength can increase the risk of dying from heart disease by as 17%. The logic behind this is that reduced grip strength implies reduced muscle mass, which is correlated with a decline in overall health.

Grip strength exercises can help seniors keep their hands strong. Seniors and their families should also check out BEK Medical for high-quality equipment that makes seniors healthier, safer and more comfortable. Give us a call at 915-599-1129 to find out more about the products we offer.