Helping Seniors Through The Holiday Season

The holiday season is a typically a time of great joy spent with family and friends. However, among the twinkling lights and the sweet treats, the holidays are often very stressful. If you care for a senior citizen, you are familiar with the difficulties of the holiday season.

The following tips will make your senior loved one’s enter the holiday season with ease:

Encourage Holiday Health

It can be difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle during the holiday season. For seniors, diet is especially vital to their overall health. Consider preparing something simple for them, such as a light salad or soup, if the main meal is too rich. If the senior has diet restrictions, such as a low sodium diet, have plenty of fruits and vegetables available. Encourage seniors not to indulge too much in alcoholic beverages. Alcohol does not mix well with medications and many seniors are on several.

Designate a Safe Space

Chaos quickly becomes unmanageable for senior citizens. They love being with their family but the noise and craziness of it all can be exhausting. Make sure you designate a space for them to go if they need a break from the crowd. Having a place ready for them to nap or read is ideal. A quiet space is such a comfort for a senior when they are being pulled out of their usual routine. Especially if the senior traveled to get to you, it is important to have a place for them to rest. Let them participate in activities at their leisure.

Adjust Traditions

For many families, the senior family member is the one that has hosted holiday dinners for decades. However, there does come a point where preparing a holiday meal is too much for a senior. If your senior typically hosts the meal, ask the younger generation of family members if they are willing to. If they don’t have the room or means to host, gather a group that is willing to help the senior family member prepare. Many seniors pride themselves on hosting the holiday meal. If they want to continue to host, insist that they allow some helping hands in the kitchen.

Caring for seniors during the holiday season can be a bit of a challenge. Routines are disrupted and many seniors struggle with that. The best thing you can do is ensure your senior loved one that you are there to make them as comfortable as possible through the holiday season.

Spend Quality Time

The holiday season is a great time for family and friends to connect, but it should not be the only time you see each other. Many seniors suffer from isolation which can negatively impact their overall health. Be sure to commit time to regularly visit them.

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