Gardening For Seniors

It is extremely important for senior citizens to keep active, however, many seniors have limitations that prevent them from doing so.

Gardening is one physical activity that can be very beneficial for senior citizens. Gardening can help get senior citizens outside, keep them physically active, reduce stress levels, and can help improve their overall mood.

Here are some of the other benefits of gardening:

Low Impact Exercise- Although gardening is not an intense activity, it does help burn calories and get your heart rate up. Digging through dirt, re-potting

Mood Boosting- Gardening provides a sense of purpose and pride. It also provides fresh air and sunlight. The sun’s rays provide vitamin D and produce serotonin in your brain. 

However, gardening can be a difficult task so it’s important to tackle projects that senior citizens can easily handle.

Be Aware of Plant Choices

It is important that seniors, specifically those with health issues or physical limitations, have a garden full of plants that they can easily handle. Some plants and flowers are hard to upkeep and it’s important you choose ones that are pretty easy to care for. For example, choose plants that require minimal watering which some seniors might not be up for doing on a daily basis.

Keep the Garden Small

If seniors are eager to have a garden of their own, make sure it’s a manageable size for them. You can have an incredible garden even if it is relatively small. Consider planting in a container, which keeps plants and flowers condensed into one space which makes them easier to care for. This also makes the garden a bit more “mobile” and can be moved as needed to a more accessible space such as an outdoor tabletop.

Many small gardens can begin right in your kitchen. You can grow a variety of seasonings like basil, sage, and lavender from the comfort of your home. 

Get the Proper Tools

Without the right tools, gardening can be difficult for anyone. Seniors should have sharp tools that will easily cut, preventing injury or strain. Tools such as a kneeler stool can help seniors kneel to garden in a comfortable position, and also have grips which can make it easy to stand up safely. Many kneeler stools also transition into a sitting stool, for when you might need a break or are tending to tall plants.

We definitely encourage senior citizens to garden, especially if they enjoy doing so. Visit BEK Medical for a variety of home medical equipment to simply your life today.