Gaining Mobility with Assistive Devices

Summer is here and now is a great time to regain your mobility and independence. There are a few different options for mobility equipment. Mobility devices like wheelchairs, canes, and walkers are good investments for seniors who feel unsteady on their feet. Appropriate use of these devices can help to prevent falls, improve posture, and provide stability. Learn more about your options, then schedule a visit with your doctor to decide which choice is right for you.


The most common assistive device for mobility, wheelchairs assist people with disabilities and injuries. Wheelchairs can help take the pressure off injured knees and provide a safer mode of transportation for people with limited mobility. According to the World Health Organization, only a small percentage of people who need wheelchairs have proper access to them.


Typically made of wood or metal, canes are a great option for seniors who are looking to improve their balance. A cane can support up to 25 percent of an individual’s weight and helps those who are suffering from arthritis or are recovering from a foot or leg injury.  Depending on the amount of support you need, triple and quad-footed options provide more stability than regular canes. Remember to be sure that your can is adjusted correctly for your height. While wearing regular walking shoes, stand upright with your elbows at your side, and have someone else measure  the distance between your wrist and the floor. This measurement is the height your cane should be adjusted to.


The best support for seniors who are at risk for a fall because of an unsteady gait, severe arthritis problems or weakness in the hips, there are a few types of walkers to consider. Those with two and four wheels are the most popular since they are easy to move. One important feature to look for when purchasing a wheeled walker is a hand-controlled break. This will allow you to lock the wheels in place while in a stationary position to prevent your walker from rolling away. Standard walkers are the most stable option available but, can be difficult for some seniors to lift and move.

Talk to your doctor or physical therapist when looking for an assistive device to make sure you are choosing the best option for your lifestyle. Get help determining what size cane or walker with Health in Aging and consider an adjustable cane or walker. Whether you are looking for a wheelchairwalker or cane, visit BEK Medical to find the best option available.