Commercial Vertical Wheelchair Platform Lifts

When you own or manage a public building, part of your job is ensuring your space is accessible to everyone. If you’re not sure where to start with accessibility at your commercial property, BEK Medical is here to help. 

Through our home medical supplies store, we offer commercial vertical wheelchair platform lifts and can provide installation in Dallas and El Paso. Our commercial wheelchair lifts can make it safe and simple for patrons and employees with limited mobility to get to any area in your building. 

Commercial Vertical Platform Lift Installation 

Vertical platform lifts are an excellent feature for making commercial spaces more accessible. They allow wheelchair users to travel between different building levels with ease without the need to pay for and install a full elevator. Typically, these lifts can go as high as 14 feet. 

At BEK Medical, the commercial vertical wheelchair platform lifts we carry are designed for maximum safety, easy use, and optimal performance. Whether you want an enclosed lift, 3-gate system, unenclosed lift, or a lift for a shaftway, we can provide the custom solution you need. Additionally, all of our products come with warranties.  

Our team can also provide professional lift installation services for commercial buildings in and around El Paso and Dallas. We’ll get your lift up and running smoothly, inside or outside, without any significant modifications to the area. The installation process is quick and hassle-free, making your building more accessible in no time. 

Show your employees, customers, and anyone who visits your commercial property that accessibility is important to you. Reach out to BEK Medical in El Paso or Dallas to get help choosing the right vertical wheelchair lift today! 


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