Car Buying Tips for Seniors

Seniors purchasing a new vehicle have several considerations to take into account, from safety to mobility. Here are a few car-buying tips for seniors to keep in mind when they visit the dealership. When you’re buying a car, consider:

Vehicle accessibility

Some cars, like SUVs, pose particular challenges for seniors. If you have joint and muscle pain, you’ll find it particularly difficult to get in and out, not to mention the added fall risk. Choose a car with accessible features like low door sills, wide openings and step-in heights.


Reduce the risk of accidents with features like parking sensors, a rearview camera for blind spot monitoring and high-performance headlights.


Get in the car and determine whether it will be comfortable to drive. Do the seats have lumbar support? Can you access all of the controls without having to hunch over the wheel? Is the steering wheel comfortably positioned?


Choose a car that has controls that are easy and intuitive for you to use. Make sure you understand how to use the lights, radio and other features before leaving the lot.

Once you’ve purchased your new car, BEK Medical can help make it as safe and comfortable as possible. Do you have a wheelchair, power scooter or other mobility device? We have a wide variety of vehicle lifts that can get you in your car and ready to go.  Give us a call at 915-599-1129 or browse our online selection of products to find out how we can help, wherever the road may take you!