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Compression Socks

  • How Compression Socks Work

    Compression Socks Compression socks and stockings have a variety of benefits. They improve blood flow, lessen pain and swelling in the legs and reduce the risk of conditions resulting from poor blood circulation, such as deep vein thrombosis (DBT), which is a type of blood clot. Many different types of people wear them, including the elderly, pilots, pregnant women and athletes looking to improve their performance.

    You may be wondering: how do compression socks work?

    Well, you may already know that the blood in your veins works against gravity to flow back to your heart. If you have problems with blood circulation, venous insufficiency (meaning weakness in the walls of the veins in your legs) or spend a lot of time without moving when you recuperate from a surgery or injury, blood pools in the veins of your lower legs or feet. This leads to a variety of problems, like leg swelling, leg fatigue and aches. It could also predispose you to a venous clot, which could cause serious problems if it travels to your lungs or heart.

    Compression socks and stockings squeeze the leg tissues and vein walls, helping blood in your veins return to your heart. They also reduce tissue swelling by improving the flow of lymph, a fluid that bathes the cells in your legs.

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