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Christmas Gifts for Senior Citizens

It can be hard to find the perfect gift for all of the people we care about during the holiday season. If you are shopping for a senior citizen, it can be difficult to find something that they don’t already have.

Many seniors will express that they have everything they need, and that could likely be true. However, we have done a little bit of research and discovered some tips on how to holiday shop for the special senior citizen in your life.

Life ExperiencesChristmas Gifts for Senior Citizens

Many senior citizens do not desire materialistic things. Many of them have everything they need and aren’t interested in more clothes, kitchenware, or picture frames. Many senior citizens just want to spend time with the people that they love.

 The gift of your time is the best gift you could give a senior citizen, hands down. Whether you go see a musical with them or do something as simple as treating them to a brunch, this gift is priceless for a senior. Spending time with you and other family members is something they will cherish much more than anything you could purchase from a store.

Medical Necessities

Many senior citizens need certain things that they have trouble getting for themselves. Many seniors aren’t able to online shop, get to the store, or look up information on how to acquire certain things. For instance, if a senior citizen has bad arthritis, getting them a walker, a wheelchair, or a good pair of sneakers can be a sensible gift that they might have trouble getting for themselves.

Health care items can be expensive, but many seniors need them to simplify their daily life. Pay attention to your loved one and take note of some things that they might truly need. For instance, if your senior is gradually growing forgetful, consider purchasing them a coffee maker that has an automatic shutoff.

Brain Games

As we age it can become more difficult to recall things like dates, names, and events. A great gift for a senior that has trouble remembering things is a jigsaw puzzle or memory game that is both entertaining and also helps “exercise” their brain.

Tablet/ Smartphone

Christmas Gifts for Senior Citizens

Many seniors feel “out of touch” when trying to connect with their children and grandchildren because of the vast development of technology. By gifting them a tablet or smartphone they will be able to better connect with you and other friends. The Apple iPad was voted the best overall tablet for seniors because of it’s simple setup and ease of use.

Practical Services

For many senior citizens, household chores become impossible as they age. From shoveling sidewalks to scrubbing dirty floors, many things slowly become out of reach for seniors to complete safely.

Purchasing a special service can really benefit a senior citizen. For instance, consider purchasing a plow service if your senior lives in an area that gets significant snowfall. If you can’t afford to purchase a professional service such as that, make homemade coupons offering your services to a senior. Offer to sort through a closet, do their grocery shopping, or cook them a favorite meal.

Shopping for your senior loved one can be simple by following the advice above. No matter what you give them this year, be sure to commit time to spending with them this year and the years to come. The most important thing is to share memories with each other.

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