The Best Outdoor Scooters

When selecting a scooter, you’ll want to keep in mind what your day-to-day looks like. For those who enjoy a more active lifestyle, a scooter that enables them to navigate through the outdoors is ideal. Not all scooters and wheelchairs are built equally! Scooters with smaller wheels are efficient for indoor use but don’t make for effective outdoor travel.

Here are some scooters to consider if you plan to spend the rest of your summer outside!

Victory Sport

Without a doubt, the Victory Sport Scooter is ideal for summer outings. The large wheels with thick treads enable the passenger to navigate bumps easily. This scooter is high performing, can travel 11 miles on one charge while reaching top speeds of 8 mph and has a carrying capacity of 350 pounds. It even has a headlight if your adventure carries into the nighttime, and it’s easy to disassemble for fast transport!

Pursuit XL

The Pursuit XL has a long list of useful features and specifications. With a battery that lasts up to more than 20 miles after each charge, you’ll be able to zoom past everyone (at 8.25 miles per hour). The large 13” wheels are some of the most efficient you’ll find and will easily power over bumps and debris. This scooter is built to last and has a weight capacity of 400 pounds.

Maxima 4-Wheel

The Four-Wheeled Maxima is another great option for an active lifestyle. The rugged construction enables this scooter to be a powerhouse in the outdoors. It can support up to 500 pounds and reach top speeds of 5.25 mph. This scooter also includes a headlight, a comfortable seat, extended battery life, and even anti-tip wheels.

Don’t let your mobility issues slow you down this summer! At BEK Medical, we have a wide selection of scooters that will meet your needs no matter your lifestyle or preferences.

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