Bathtub Lifts for the Elderly & Disabled

Limited mobility affects every aspect of your life, many of which seem so routine to others. For instance, impaired mobility can make it difficult or impossible to step in and out of the bathtub on your own.  

Everyone deserves the right to clean and refresh themselves with a shower or bath, and with a bathtub lift from BEK Medical, everyone can have it. Our bathtub lifts make it easy for patients in facilities or elderly or disabled individuals at home to move or be moved into a bath. 

Bathtub Lift Installation in Dallas & El Paso 

Caregivers take on a lot of tasks but moving the full weight of someone who can’t move themselves isn’t always feasible. A bathtub lift is a safe and convenient way to move your patient or loved one to the bath. We offer customized ceiling-installed bathtub lifts and portable lifts that can be used right at home. 

BEK Medical bathtub lifts for the elderly and disabled make it easy to position the person comfortably and move them as needed. Both our ceiling lifts and portable lifts are excellent options for helping individuals with limited mobility get into the bathtub or use the bathroom. Ceiling-installed lifts are ideal for making one room accessible, while portable lifts can be used throughout the home. 

If you live in or near Dallas or El Paso, we can provide bathtub lift installation services along with our premium products. Our specialists have a lot of experience installing ceiling and portable lifts, so you can feel confident that your lift is secure. 

For more information about bathtub lifts and lift installation from BEK Medical, contact one of our locations today! 

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