Advantages of an Elderly In-Home Spa

Nothing is more relaxing than a dip in a spa tub. For most of us, it’s an experience we have most often on vacation. For the elderly, however, having an in-home spa has a variety of benefits for relaxation, rejuvenation and health. Hydrotherapy, or water as a means to heal, has been used to treat ailments and chronic conditions for hundreds of years, in many cultures around the world.

Some of the benefits of an in-home spa for seniors include:

Elderly In-Home Spas Provide Stress Relief

The water in a hot tub relaxes you and improves circulation, which gets your endorphins going. Endorphins are the feel-good chemicals in your body that make stress melt away. For seniors who may be coping with difficult changes, stress relief is essential.

Elderly In-Home Spas Improve Sleep

Spending a half hour in a spa tub about an hour and a half before bedtime can lead to better sleep. This is because your body temperature rises while you’re in the tub, then cools when you get out, replicating the drop in body temperature that happens as you fall into a deep sleep. Many seniors have a hard time getting a good night’s sleep, so an in-home spa can help.

Elderly In-Home Spas Reduce Joint Pressure

Because we feel practically weightless in a hot tub, a good soak can alleviate joint and muscle pressure.

Seniors need a variety of products and equipment to live comfortably. BEK Medical offers many essentials for seniors, such as therapeutic equipment, mobility equipment, support hosiery and more that helps seniors stay well. Give us a call at 915-599-1129 to find out more!