Homecare Comfort: How to Make Your At-Home Hospital Bed More Comfortable

Did you know that humans spend about one third of their lives sleeping? It’s true! On average, that’s about 26 years of sleeping. That’s a whole lot of time spent in bed!

Now, imagine having a condition that renders you bedridden long-term. That bed is going to get uncomfortable fast. Fortunately, there are a few steps you can take to improve the comfort of your homecare bed, so that you or the loved one you’re caring for can feel supported and relaxed!

Invest in a specialty mattress.

Hospital and homecare bed specialty mattresses are specifically designed with the needs of a bedridden patient in mind. They are made to better distribute weight and pressure to prevent bed sores, with higher levels of support, and with moisture-resistant and antibacterial materials. Depending on the needs of the patient, there are different types of homecare mattresses to suit them. These range from firm foam and innerspring support to plush memory foam for optimal comfort.

Use bed support accessories.

It is often the little features that make the biggest difference when it comes to homecare comfort. For example, mattress pads and covers can provide an additional layer of comfort—whether it’s extra luxury or additional support you need—cleanliness, and hygiene. Side rails and assistance handles can make patients feel more secure and ease the process of sitting up and getting into/out of bed by providing additional weight support. Many handles and rails also include bed caddies or organizers for convenient storage and easy access to remotes, books, and other important items.

Switch to high-quality bed linens.

For the sake of both patient comfort and safety, homecare beds should be dressed with linens that are not only comfortable, but also properly fitted and easy to keep clean. If linens are too big and bunch up under the patient, this could lead to bed sores. Or, if they’re too tight and constantly pop off, the bed won’t be as comfortable and the patient may even become entangled in the mess of sheets.

Your best bet is to use fitted hospital bed sheets made of breathable cotton or a cotton blend. These are easily machine washable and less likely to hold onto any bacteria or allergens that could make a patient’s condition worse. Top off fitted sheets with soft and cozy blankets and pillows for enhanced physical and mental comfort.

Whether you have to spend all day in bed or just retreat there for a good night’s sleep, BEK Medical has everything you need to make your bed safe, hygienic, and comfortable.

From long-term hospital beds to mattress toppers for anyone searching for a little extra comfort, our products will take your days and nights to the next level. Check out our homecare bed products and accessories online and order the comfort items you need today!