Home Exercising Tips For Seniors

Exercise is an essential activity for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. As we age, so do our bodies, making regular exercise even more important. Many people want to work out, but are unsure of where to start. Extensive workout regimens and gyms are not for everybody. This doesn’t mean that you can’t workout!

Here are a few tips for beginners to start working out:

 Talk to your Doctor

Before starting a new exercise routine, get some advice from your doctor. Especially if you are taking medication or have a preexisting condition, it is important to get clearance before starting your new routine. Your doctor may even be able to point you in the direction of a great class for you to join!

Start Simple

If you have not been active in a while, start slowly when you begin your new fitness routine. One class a week, or ten minutes of exercise a day is a great way to start. As you and your body get used to your new routine, spend more time working out and sign up for a class that meets a couple of times a week! Always remember to stretch before activities to prepare your body and avoid injury. Also, don’t push yourself too hard. Listen to your body and don’t fight it. The length of time and level of activity you can reach will increase as you go, so give yourself time to adjust.

Take a Class

Fitness classes are a great way to begin working out and also have a support system with your other classmates. There are many options for workout classes online! Sign up for a class and learn a fitness technique you have always wanted to try! Getting involved in a class will make you more likely to exercise.

Create a Routine

Regardless of the type of class, you choose to take or the activities you do, create and stick to a routine. After a few weeks of pushing yourself to stretch, use those weights, or head to yoga, exercising will become a regular, enjoyable part of your weekly schedule! Be sure to exercise around the same time every day, so you create a habit. After a while, you will begin to look forward to your exercises as it becomes a regular part of your daily regimen. 

Here are a few exercises to try at home:

Resistance Bands 

Side Leg Lift 

Lie on the floor on the side. Place a yoga mat underneath you to make this more comfortable. Using your resistance bands, place them around your legs, just above your ankles. Gently lift your leg to the point of resistance. Repeat this for 10-15 reps twice. Once you finish the first side, turn over, and repeat this exercise on the other side. 

Seated Bicep Curl 

Sit in a chair with your legs at a 90-degree angle. Wrap one end of the resistance band around your foot. Take the other end of the resistance band and wrap it around the opposite side arm as your foot. Use your bicep muscles to curl the band up towards your face. This will help strengthen and tighten your biceps. Repeat this for 10-15 reps before switching to the other arm. 


Use exercise weights to add resistance to your workouts and help strengthen your muscles. These weights come in a variety of sizes ranging from 1-10 lbs. You can strap these to your arms and or ankles to help increase your strength training on walks and jogs. 

Now that you’re ready to refine your health routine, visit BEK Medical to purchase the right supplies to help you reach your fitness goals! From exercise bands to weights and therapeutic hosiery, we have everything you need to keep your mind and body healthy through the years.