Should I Get a Stairlift or a Home Elevator?

When you get older, suffer an injury, or manage another condition that restricts your mobility, a simple staircase can feel like a mountain. If your trouble with stairs is new and you live in a multi-level house, the good news is that you have options that will allow you to remain in the home you know and love and maintain your independence at the same time.

Let’s take a look at two of the most popular choices—a stairlift and a home elevator—to determine which one is right for you and your needs.

Pros of a Stairlift


Stairlifts, as well as the labor and installation costs, are several thousand dollars cheaper than elevators. If you’re on a tight budget, this is definitely the more affordable option.

Quick & Easy Installation

Because there is no construction required, like there is for home elevator installation, you can have a stairlift added to your home in a matter of days. The installation process itself only takes a few hours (or a little longer for curved staircases) and can sometimes even be done without a professional.


Stairlifts are available in a variety of different sizes to accommodate staircases of all widths. Most chairs and rails can be folded up when not in use, to offer more space and prevent tripping for others who may be using the same staircase.

Pros of a Home Elevator

Increase Property Value

Home elevators are certainly more expensive than stairlifts, but their ultimate return on investment is also much higher. A residential elevator can be built in different styles and designs with various decorative features, allowing them to double as a luxury property feature as well as a functional mobility tool.

Multi-Floor Access

If you opt for a stairlift and have more than two floors to your home, you’ll need to install a separate lift for every set of stairs. An elevator, on the other hand, can travel between multiple floors with the push of a button.

Little Mobility Required

For individuals with very restricted mobility who rely on a wheelchair or powerchair to get around, a stairlift will likely not solve your stair problem. You must be able to get yourself in and out of the chair to use a stairlift (or have someone there to help you). With an elevator, you won’t have to get up at all to travel upstairs and you will be able to easily take your wheelchair with you to use on other floors.

Whichever home mobility solution you decide will work best for you, BEK Medical can provide the products and installation services you need. Our experts will help you choose the right home stairlift or residential elevator for your space and safely install it for immediate use.

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