How to Care for Seniors With Mobility Problems

As we age, most of us will experience the physical instability caused by weakening muscles and joint problems as well as neurological conditions. But did you know that accidents resulting from these issues, especially falls, is the fifth leading cause of death for the elderly? If you’re caring for a senior with mobility problems, here are a few things you can do to keep them safe.

Healthy lifestyle

Encourage the senior that you care for to be active. Simple, low-impact exercises like short walks and yoga will help improve flexibility and strengthen muscle. A healthy diet will also help seniors maintain muscle mass and get around easier. Make sure their sources of protein are easy on their digestive system, such as eggs, beans, and fish.

Professional opinion

Have a medical professional such as a physical or occupational therapist evaluate your senior’s mobility to know exactly what his or her issues are and to better prevent accidents. If you can, have the professional visit the senior’s home so they can advise on how to make the living space as safe and accessible for the senior as possible.

Assist devices

Sometimes the best way to manage mobility issues is using assist devices. Things like stair lifts, ramps and handrails, and automatic door openers are great tools to help your senior remain mobile and independent.

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