3 Winter Skin Care Tips to Keep You Glowing Year-Round

Even though it feels like fall has just begun, winter weather has a way of storming in before you know it. The cold and dry air (or dry heat down south) ushered in by the winter season can wreak havoc on your skin if you don’t use quality products and establish a good skin care regimen. The last thing you want to be dealing with during the madness of the holidays is dry, cracked, itchy, or irritated skin.

Not to worry though—we’ve got a few great skin care tips and products up our sleeve to help keep your skin soft and healthy this winter!

1) Switch to fragrance-free products.

Cleansers with fragrance and alcohol in them deplete your skin of its natural oils and make it drier, something you can’t afford in the already dry winter air. When summer comes to an end, swap your scented cleansers, soaps, moisturizers, and even lip balm for fragrance and alcohol-free alternatives.

2) Increase your moisturizing.

It seems obvious that you should use more moisturizer as the air gets drier, but some people still forget! Apply a generous amount of moisturizer to your skin right after showering and hand washing (which you should be doing more of in the winter cold and flu season). Opt for a moisturizing cream or ointment instead of a lotion, as these formulas better lock in hydration.

3) Don’t forget your SPF.

Don’t assume that just because the weather grows colder, you’re not getting as much sun exposure. Especially when the sun reflects off the snow, you are just as vulnerable to the sun’s UV rays (which can penetrate clouds even on those overcast days). Before you go out in the winter, apply sunscreen or use moisturizing products with SPF included (look for at least SPF 15 to be effective).

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