Comet Anterior Gait Trainer


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Ankle Prompts – prevents legs from scissoring. Seat Harness – supports patients who cannot stand completely on their own. Pelvic Stabilizer – supports and stabilizes the pelvis. Positioning Bar – provides adjustable depth. Vertical handgrips – provides alternate handgrip position, posterior models only. Variable Resistance Tabs – controls the speed of the gait trainer and aligns an asymmetrical gait pattern. One-Directional Rear Wheels – allows only forward mobility, posterior models only. Swivel Wheel Locking Bracket – provides option to lock swivel wheels. CO 2000 Product Adjustable Height 29″ – 36″ Product Inside Width Between Handlebars 21″ Product Dimensions (open at base) 26.5″ (W) x 27″ (D) Product Weight 28 lbs. Product Weight Capacity 400 lbs. CO 2100 Product Adjustable Height 22″ – 28″ Product Inside Width Between Handlebars 15.5″ Product Dimensions (open at base) 23.5″ (W) x 25″ (D) Product Weight 25 lbs. Product Weight Capacity 200 lbs. CO 2200 Product Adjustable Height 17″ – 20″ Product Inside Width Between Handlebars 14″ Product Dimensions (open at base) 22″ (W) x 22″ (D) Product Weight 23 lbs. Product Weight Capacity 100 lbs.

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