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Forearm Platforms

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Forearm Platforms

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The Forearm Platforms sold by BEK Medical Inc. can be used with all of the Wenzelite Safety Rollers and Gait Trainers and are designed to adjust to each individual person’s unique height and weight bearing needs. Constructed from lightweight aluminum, these Forearm Platforms are height and depth adjustable to adjust for a convenient and comfortable fit. They also rotate both inwards and outwards, with handgrips equipped that can extend forward or backward, as well as assume supinate and pronate positions. They are angle adjustable, as well, and they can be mounted anywhere along the handlebar of your safety roller or gait trainer – even the front. Each side is individually adjustable to provide for maximum comfort for any period of use. Call BEK Medical at 915-599-1129 today to learn more or to place your order.
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Additional Information

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UPC 822383252063
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