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CBD; What is it and How Can it Help Me

If you’ve read the news recently, glanced through a Reader’s Digest, or are active on Facebook, chances are you’ve heard about CBD and its remarkable health benefits. Many people have shared “miracle stories” of their experience with CBD, but with so much information saturating the media it can be difficult to narrow down the facts.116771787_S

If you are interested in using CBD, here is some helpful information:  

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a chemical compound derived from the cannabis plant. CBD is one of more than 100 chemicals found in marijuana. When separated from its psychoactive counterpart, CBD can have many health benefits for the user-without experiencing any effects from the THC. THC is the compound that gives marijuana psychoactive affects or makes the user “high”. CBD is non-intoxicating, so it does not create a “high” feeling in the user.

Health Benefits 

Here are some of the health benefits of CBD:


Different Forms

There are many ways to use CBD. This is more of a personal preference which can be decided based on lifestyle and practicality. Here are some of the forms in which CBD can be consumed:

  • Tincture- This is a concentrated liquid form of CBD which is CBD; What is it and How Can it Help Me usually made by infusing CBD with high-proof grain alcohol, or glycerin to create a potent oil. This tincture can be taken in a variety of ways. You can add a few drops to your cup of coffee, tea, or even mix it into a bowl of soup. This is an easy and discreet way to take CBD and is ideal for people trying it for the first time.
  • Vape oil-This method is fast acting and typical onset time takes only a few minutes. You can use CBD in vape oil by using an electronic vape pen to inhale the product. This method is similar to smoking an e-cigarette but without the carcinogenic byproducts.
  • Capsule- CBD capsules are usually a mixture of CBD and a carrier oil like coconut oil that has been sealed into a gel capsule.
  • Edible- This is created by using CBD infused oil or butter to create a variety of edible items. There are many different kinds of CBD edibles from lollipops to popcorn. A very popular for of edibles is gummies which are created by combining CBD with sugar, gelatin and other ingredients to create a gummy candy.
  • Bath Bomb- These are ideal for hot baths to relieve muscle aches and pains. These CBD infused bath bombs help relax the body by dissolving into your bath water.
  • Topicals- Topical CBD creams and lotions are great for targeting specific areas where you may experience muscle pain, cramps, or soreness. Topical treatments may be infused with other pain relieving/ anti-inflammatory gels like menthol or Aloe Vera.

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