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  • The Importance of Exercise as You Age


    One of the most generously offered pieces of advice from older generations is “don’t get old”. It’s easy to say but impossible to carry out. The aging process in inevitable for every human on earth, but it doesn’t have to be all bad. Aside from chronic disease, for most individuals the worst part of aging is the presence of aches and pains in joints and muscles. For most of us, these aches and pains can be prevented before they begin – or treated as they start.


    Maintaining strength, balance, and mobility as you age is the foundation of a youthful lifestyle. As you age, any sort of activity is better than a sedentary lifestyle – but resistance training through weight bearing exercise is the absolute best way to get the most out of your workout. Resistance training boasts many benefits, including better bone density, improved balance, and increased muscle strength. All of the benefits you obtain from a few simple resistance workouts provide exactly what you need to maintain a highly independent lifestyle.


    How does exercise help bone density?

    It’s no secret that bone density becomes weaker over time. Especially in women, bone loss can be detrimental to overall mobility and strength. Weight bearing exercise works to increase bone density in a variety of ways that can ultimately lead to a higher quality of life. Body weight and gravity naturally put stress on your bones which makes them stronger to provide better support. Weight bearing and resistance exercise also enables bones to be pulled by your muscles. The force require to move free weights actually stimulates bones to become stronger to support the pulling muscles.


    For aging individuals, regular resistance exercise is one of the most effective ways to slow the aging process. Try working at home with exercise bands, which are easily adjustable for any body type and strength. For more convenient exercise during your daily activities, add weight to your arms or ankles with these easy exercise weights that attach right to your body.

  • The Importance of Good Posture at Work


    As adults, we spend most of our “awake hours” at our jobs. For most of us, it’s around 40 hours per week and sometimes more. It’s important that we take advantage of these working hours and keep one eye on our health.


    One of the biggest areas where we can all improve our health? Posture.


    Eating right, exercising, and making sure you get enough sleep are all important when it comes to keeping up a healthy lifestyle, but posture is often forgotten. Having good posture will help you have more energy and less fatigue. It also helps with back problems and headaches. Long term effects of poor posture include problems with digestion, breathing, elimination, and muscle, join, and ligament issues.


    How to have good posture at your desk:

    Good posture means all of your bones, muscles, joints, and ligaments are properly aligned. Proper posture enables all of your organs to be in the right place and function to their fullest potential. Here are some tips to having better posture:

    • Maintain a healthy weight. Extra weight around the middle pulls on your back and forces your forward over time.
    • Regular exercise. Staying flexible and strong is essential for maintaining proper alignment and having enough support.
    • Invest in a high quality mattress that works for you. Firmer mattresses support your spine and keep all of your vertebrae aligned during sleep.
    • Check out your desk and chair. They should be supportive and have proper height ratios for you. You may need to increase the height of your chair or get a footrest. In addition, place your computer monitor so that it is even with your line of eyesight. This will help to keep you sitting straight.
    • Set reminders for yourself to do a posture check. During breaks, align yourself against a wall and put effort into staying that way throughout the rest of the day.
    • Last but not least, invest in supportive accessories to help your keep your back and neck in line. They can be worn under or over clothing and over time will help to improve your posture and health. A posture control shoulder brace is great for those who tend to slouch at the shoulders while a lumbar sacral support will help you from lower to mid back.
  • Summer Safety!


    Summer is around the corner, and as the temperatures start rising, we need to make sure we are staying safe!  Summer months mean outdoor activities, swimming, barbecues and watching grandkids sporting events.  Keeping these four simple tips in mind will help you beat the summer heat!


    1.     Stay Hydrated-  On average adult males should consume at least 13 ups of water on a daily basis, women should intake 9 cups.  The increased temperatures in the summer months will call for a slightly larger intake of water, to make the most of the water you re drinking avoid beverages that contain alcohol, caffeine and sugar.  The feeling of thirst is a sign of dehydration, so make sure you are drinking water regularly and keep water close by on any outings.


    2.     Watch what you wear- Summer months mean lots of sunshine,  as the sun shines down on you, the material and color of your clothing will have a huge impact on how much of that heat and light is absorbed.  Remember darker cloths absorb more heat so keep your wardrobe nice and light.  Keeping lightweight clothing on during the summer will ensure that you stay cooler as well!


    3.     Setup the Sunblock- If any of your summer activities lead you outdoors (and they will) make sure you are applying sunscreen, SPF 30 or higher is ideal, remember that sunscreen will wash off when swimming or after profuse sweating so continue to re-apply it throughout your adventure!


    4.     Keep Track of Time- One of the best practices especially in heavy summers is to keep track of time.  If you have errands to run or doctors appointments to go to, try to get them scheduled as early as possible.  Grocery shopping should be done either really early or into the evening to prevent exposure during the hottest hours.



    Stay safe this summer!

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